I Was A 24-Year-Old Virgin And It Was Okay Until...

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 28 December, 2016

I waited, or did I not have a choice? I'd like to believe that I had a choice. I mean it's just sex, right? Everybody has it, mom and dad sure did. Why then did I wait for so long? Now that I've had it, it doesn't feel so sacred anymore.

Hi, let's call me, John. I'm an average guy from an average family. I had a difficult childhood, but so did we all. My generation was the first to experience the power of the Internet, and like a very obedient teenager, I got carried away.

At an early age, I became a geek, a nerd, and eventually, hopelessly anti-social. I liked spending time by myself, scouring the Internet for free games, fun facts, and, naked women. Yes, you heard me right, completely naked women. Well I wasn't looking for them as much as they were looking for me, if the flashy ads were to be believed.

It was there, at the tender age of 15, when I first saw a woman's private parts.

My first reaction was, eh wait, where's the...? I thought everybody had a.. Oh wait, now it makes sense, now everything makes so much more sense.

This discovery changed my life. I was a sexual being, I realized. I touched myself that day, wasn't sure of what I was doing, but I did. I had to throw the underwear away afterwards but that's a story for another day. Unsurprisingly, I became a constant visitor to all the sexual escapades that the web had to offer. It escalated to where simply looking wasn't enough, I wanted in. I wanted to be more than just an observer. 

My answer? Yahoo chat rooms. I met all kinds of characters there, right from an incestuous woman to a married gay pedophile. It's also where I found my first Internet girlfriend, Shila. She was the first, but she was not going to be the last. It was all so easy, just type away and you're now in love. Physical intimacy for us was saying dirty things on the phone, sending each other sexts, and reading erotic stories together. When I finally met her, and I did, I met every one of my real but not real girlfriends. I didn't quite know what to do.

Suddenly, all the dirty things we discussed, they seemed so, fictitious. Fake. Real-life isn't as fluid as porn, spanking hurts, and sex is hard, pun intended.

For a decade after, I was not able to physically express myself because to me, sexuality became a concept to be expressed from behind a monitor, not in a closed room with the lights off. I even believed at some point that I was incapable of actual physical intimacy. Seeing a 2D diagram of a woman's private parts in class 10th didn't prepare me for the real world.

It was a week after my 24th birthday that a girl deflowered me. In other words, I finally got lucky! I was afraid before, but not during. She and I ran circles around each other for months. She held my hand, and she guided it to her breasts. She held my hand and dragged it below. She held my.. Basically, whatever they say about sex, it's all true. As soon as it began, I knew.

"This is it, this is it," I said to myself. I think I lasted all of 14 seconds, but man were they the best 14 seconds of my life! The release, the knowledge that this is real, that I'm here, now, was so overwhelming that I remained silent after, staring at the ceiling.

I read somewhere that the world today has more sex than ever, but also that fewer people are having all this sex. I don't know why but I know that I'm having a lot of it, and you should too, don't let sex be the privilege of a few.

So, close that Incognito window, grab your boyfriend/girlfriend (with their consent), and **** em' good. 

Author's Note:

I'm now a pro (tee-hee), and if reviews are anything to go by, quite a beast in bed. Call me. *wink wink*

Editor's Note:

Also, share his story to spread the word. He needs to make up for the 24 years he'll never get back!