I Was 24 And She Was 30, I'll Never Forget How I Felt About Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 26 July, 2017

I was 24 and she was 30. After completing my college I relocated to Delhi for my career. The place was new, environment was new, language, culture, everything was new. It was a small company of 10 people with a manager to oversee us. Slowly I was getting accustomed to the place and situation. Except for the language, everything was fine. Professionally, I was managing with my English. However, for the daily chores of life it was getting difficult. That was when I started speaking with her.

Initially, it started off as a casual chat, but (not so) slowly and steadily our chats became routine. Then frequent calls, late night calls and full night calls. But, still we were confined to just a casual or normal chat, till that day. The previous night I was drunk, and had come to office, still hungover. To avoid sleep I went and sat in front of her. She was working on her computer but still talking to me. Without noticing that I was observing her she rubbed her nose tip with her fingers. It was too cute for me to handle. That moment I started liking her. Still I never let her know about my feelings. But, I slowly started to admire her. I started noticing her. I started looking into her eyes regularly. I started picking her up from the metro to take her to the office and then dropping her off at the metro. We used to chat till the very moment metro arrived. Slowly she started missing one metro so that we could extend our conversations. Then two. Then three.

One fine day, I was standing in front of her in office. We were gazing at each other and our eyes were speaking with each other.

Casually, she rubbed her nose tip with her fingers. I couldn’t resist, I gave her a flying kiss. She reciprocated but still didn’t respond. I wasn’t sure if what I did was wrong or right. But I didn’t have the guts to ask her. We continued as if nothing had happened. I was eager to know but didn’t have the guts. Days went by and my eagerness started to turn into frustration. Finally, I gathered all my guts and asked her while we were in still in the metro. She neither answered me nor looked at me. That made me feel very bad and awkward. The whole way we didn’t speak. We waited at the station without uttering a single word. The station was crowded, and in no time she planted a kiss on my cheeks. I was on cloud nine, I wanted to pull her and hug her tightly but before I could react, she was gone. Then we started exchanging kisses over the phone. Whenever we'd get an isolated place we'd start exchanging kisses.

Our kisses initially were short and tender but slowly they turned to being intense and passionate. Soon we decided that we would meet at a place privately. We first thought we would meet at her place, but unfortunately that couldn't work out. But still we were not ready to postpone. We even thought of booking a hotel but refrained from doing so. Finally, we ended up at my bachelor room. We explored each other and it was the happiest moment of my life. I'll never forget that intense feeling of wanting her. 

It has been 8 years since that day and it's still so fresh in my memory.