I Was 17 Years Old When That Spineless Man Started Taking Advantage Of My Innocence

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 24 May, 2018

I belong to a simple middle-class family and lead a simple life with my parents and siblings. I was leading a normal life until I met this guy called Amit. (I have changed his name here.) He was six years older than me but we got along well and became good friends. He happened to be our distant relative and would visit our place quite often.

I was in my teens when I met him for the first time. I had never been in touch with any other guy except my classmates. Naturally I was  quite attracted to him. There was something about him that drew me to him. He was not at all handsome or good looking. He was just an ordinary guy pursuing his engineering.
I was a cute, fair and good looking girl and would always daydream about him. After I finished my 10th standard I grew fonder of him with each passing day. I dreamt about him all through the day and night.

This was having an adverse impact on my studies too. He indirectly told me that he too liked me. He would write letters to me and send me greeting cards too. I was overjoyed when I got a Valentine’s Day card from him.

I assumed he loved me so I too gave him a card which said, “I love you.”

When I asked him about the Valentine’s Day card that he had sent me – he just said that he did not remember what he had sent. There were no mobiles at that time.

He would call me on the landline and we would speak to each other for hours together. One day I confessed my love for him. He asked me if I could not find anyone better than him to love. I was very young and naïve to understand anything at that point in time. I was really fascinated by him. We continued with the phone calls and he would visit us occasionally too.


My parents were getting annoyed by his frequent phone calls because he would call late at night. He did try to get intimate with me in due course of time but I clearly refused.

I felt holding hands was fine but when he realized that he couldn’t take any advantage of me he told me very clearly that he didn’t love me and had no feelings for me.

He told me that he had a strict father and in all probability, he might have already found a suitable girl for him. He said he didn't have the courage to go against his parents' wishes. 

He then said that he pretended to be in love with me because he did not want to break my heart.

I was just 17 years old at that time and was completely shattered by what he told me. I burnt all the cards and letters that he had given me. He called me after a week and apologized for whatever he had said. He proposed to me again.

I was overjoyed and immediately accepted it. I did not know about his evil intentions.

He started visiting my home more frequently now and he would hold my hand whenever he got the opportunity. He would then take me out for an ice-cream and on the pretext of having the ice-cream, he would sit next to me in a corner where nobody could see us.

He would then try to touch me all over. I could feel his hand on my back. He then started holding me very tightly. I froze and did not know how to react.

Even then I still felt it was okay because we loved each other. He put his hand on my lap and we locked our hands together and sat down for a while. We then realized that it was getting late. So we returned home.

I started feeling uneasy once I reached back home. It was the first time a man had touched me passionately.He then left the next day and whenever he called me up he would say, “I want to make love with you just once.” Initially I did not take him seriously but later on, I realized his evil intentions. I clearly refused to do so.

When he visited my house this time we acted as if we hardly knew each other. At one point in time, he asked me about my future husband and what kind of person I expected to be married to. He then clearly mentioned his preferences for a life partner too.

What really shocked me was that even amidst this entire conversation he was asking me to get into his arms. I was furious and ordered him to leave my house immediately. He did and I maintained a proper distance with him after that. I cut off all contact with him.

Mobile phones had now come into existence and I too was given a mobile phone because my college was quite far away from our house. We got in touch with each other again after a long while. We spoke like old friends and had long chats over the phone. He was about to leave abroad for his higher studies. In every conversation that we had, he never missed out on mentioning that he wished to attend my wedding. My mobile broke after a while and I didn't feel the need to get a new one as talk time and recharges were expensive in those days.

Days passed into months and months into years. One fine day he sent his acquaintance and asked for my contact number. I had settled down in my career and was waiting for a good marriage proposal. His acquaintance rang him up from her phone and gave me the phone to speak to him.

When I heard him talk after so many years I was very angry. All the bitter memories came flooding back to my mind. I angrily told him that I did not want to keep in touch with him.I didn’t want to complicate my life now. My parents had already started looking out for an alliance for me.

I have known him for several years and today I can conclude that he is a spineless man who is ready to take advantage of a girl. He couldn’t go abroad for his higher studies or find a job there. So he gave up and settled down in India. They are still looking out for a suitable girl who is willing to get married to him.

Editor's Note:

Let’s share this story because we need to realize that “I love you” has different meanings in different relationships. It has different meanings at different stages of our lives too. But trust is always a part of love. Let’s learn to live up to the trust that our juniors have in us. Let’s learn to respect the innocence and feelings of our juniors. Let’s please think before we cross that slender line of trust and indulge in ‘indecent behaviour’ ‘harmless fun’ and ‘teasing’.