I Was 15: This Is What He Said So That I Would Lose My Virginity To Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 2 July, 2020

Was sex necessary? Then why didn't it bring happiness?

I was 15 when I lost my virginity to the guy (19) whom I loved deeply. Though initially, I wasn't ready to have it. In fact, I had never given it a thought. My mind was full of questions. What my boyfriend said me was- sex is a part of love, a very important part, it will bind us together.

Gradually, I took an interest in it, even though now I know that I was young to decide. I asked him questions related to sex. I just knew one thing, that it will bring me closer to him and he will be mine forever. I took it as an assurance. I called him to my house. We planned and it worked, and finally, we had sex. It was painful physically but emotionally I felt complete, as I signed a bond paper that he will be mine.


Everything went fine for a few days. My parents came to know about this. They scolded me, they used horrible language, they slapped me. But I realized they weren't wrong. The most painful moment was when I knew my boyfriend, whom I believed, trusted blindly left me saying we are not made for each other.

And now I know- SEX IS NOT REQUIRED FOR LOVE. He forced me. He manipulated me.

Some of it was my fault. I loved him and I always will. Honestly, I wanted sex to bring him closer to me. But now I feel like an empty vessel. I lost importance. I lost the trust of my parents. I lost my peace of mind.

Just for him. 
Editor's Note:

Dear parents of teens and preteens- excuse my language, but for f**k's sake, talk to your children about having a healthy sex life. They're going to do it whether you know it or not. You might as well make sure they don't get manipulated, know their right to consent, and most of all not mistake having sex for a lifelong commitment. It's not important that you know better because you're older. It's important that you and your teen is on the same team. Any words you'd like to share? Write your story here