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I Slept With A Man In The Midst Of Leh And He Wasn't My Boyfriend

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People have different views about open relationships. I admire such people because they are bold enough to speak openly about such relationships. I am 28 years old and a writer by profession. I live in Delhi. I enjoy my life and I think I am a lively person.

I want to live my life to the fullest because I do not know what the future has in store for me.

I am a travel freak. I earn a decent income from my regular and freelancing work. I spend the better part of my earnings attending parties and travelling. I am also in a committed relationship. Leh and Ladakh had always been my dream destination. I had been unable to go there so far but this September I finally managed to do so. I went there with my best friend.

We were two girls travelling on our own, but we made meticulous plans for our trip and wanted to enjoy ourselves thoroughly.

We ensured that we carried a bottle of wine with us. We thought that we had all that we needed to enjoy our lives. As soon as we reached Leh, we booked a cab for our entire trip. We planned to visit Nubra and Pangong – two very famous destinations of that place. The next morning, we headed to Nubra with a lot of zeal. We did not know what the next moment would hold for us. We stopped along the way to puff on a cigarette. My friend was facing the road and I was facing the other way.

While we were smoking, she noticed a car and said, “Us gaadi mei jo banda aagey baitha hai, who bahut mast hai.”  

We wanted to have some fun so we asked our driver bhaiya to follow the car. The driver too was excited by this idea. It was tough to keep track of the car but our driver ensured that the car was always in our line of vision. We finally overtook their car. I saw the guy sitting in the front seat.

I turned to my friend and said, "Yes man! He is damn hot!" Without a second thought, I waved my hand at him.

I could not read his thoughts but he responded with a smile though he had a confused look on his face. We had won half the battle. We continued to follow the car. They stopped at one particular place and we too did the same. Our driver finally guessed where they were going. We too were going to the same place. But they stopped for a while to smoke while we left that place.

When we reached our destination, we wondered whether they would come there or not. We waited for a long while but they did not turn up. We were pretty disappointed and decided to finish our camel ride.

We were overjoyed when we spotted them there. Yes, it was him. We made eye contact with them intentionally and waited for them to come over to meet us.

I was doing this for my friend because she liked him a lot. But when they came over, she asked me to start a conversation on her behalf because she was not comfortable talking to strangers. But I always loved talking to new people. They were just completing their camel ride and both of us just freshened up and applied some makeup.

After waiting for twenty minutes, I saw him coming towards us. He was tall. He was handsome. And his smile, Oh My God – I had fallen for him.

As he approached us, I could feel the excitement in my heart. I did not want to miss the opportunity of talking with him because we had been waiting for almost half an hour to do so. We got to know that he was a businessman from Bangalore.

He was very humble, polite and cute. He asked me my name but I forgot to ask him his name.

My friend was just staring at him while we had a conversation. After he left, she said, “He seems interested in you.” I said, “No. He was looking at you." In our excitement, we forgot to ask him for his contact details and his itinerary. Our driver came to our rescue again. He enquired and told us that his travel plans matched with ours.

So I asked him to meet us in Leh if he got the time to do so.

We then left the place. For the next three days, we could not communicate with one another because all of us were out of coverage. We gave our man a name and decided to call him ‘Bahubali.’ We spent three whole days discussing him.

I was teasing my friend most of the time because she liked him so much.

On the third day when we could finally access a network, our driver called him. He did not pick up the phone. I then tried calling him from my phone thinking that perhaps he may pick up the phone if he saw my name flashing on his screen. He did not respond. So we thought it was over.

After we had completed our ride, I saw that I had a missed call from ‘Bahubali.’ We cheered because this is what we had wanted. Our driver too noticed that he had got three missed calls from him. Our driver immediately dialled his number and said, “Sir, Vo peeche wali madam ko aapse friendship karni hai.” He asked the driver to give the phone to the madam who was interested in him. My friend asked me to talk on her behalf.

I spoke with him and fixed up a meeting in the evening because he too would be there in Leh at that time.

We had just reached the hotel and freshened up when he called. He asked me where I was. I said we were getting ready and coming to meet him. We were happy because he seemed to be as excited about our meeting as we both were. My friend was super excited because it was her date. She asked me to select her clothes for her and suggest the right makeup so that she looked her best. When we went to the place where we had decided to meet up, we could not find him. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name. I turned around to find him.

He smiled and I returned his smile.

I introduced my friend to her and told them to spend some time together while I roamed around the place. I was looking for souvenirs when my friend called me. When I asked her what was happening she said that he was calling me. He had asked my friend if I was busy and whether I was already committed. He had then asked her to call me. Well, I went there and we took some pictures together and a couple of selfies too. After a while, he was busy looking around. 

That is when my friend told me that he was interested in me. I said, “No, he is not.” We then decided to have a few drinks in our room as the bars were closed that night.

As soon as we started drinking, I told him that my friend liked him and I had chased him only because she was interested in him.

He said, “I came here for you.” We were shocked by his reply. I knew my friend would not spare me.

Even while dressing up for our meeting she had told me several times that he seemed to be interested in me and not her. I had told her that she was better looking than me and she was most certainly mistaken. The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense. My friend excused herself and went to the washroom. I asked him to tell her that he liked her because she seemed to be annoyed.

He refused to do so and said, “Why would I tell her that I like her when I like you.”

Oh, My God, I could sense a love triangle getting created in our room that night. It was pretty late in the night by now. There was no way he could go to his room that night so he asked us if he could sleep with us in our room.

One room, two women and one man – what a situation!

I said, “No issues. You can stay with us.” It was quite late in the night by now. I had downed two pegs already but they were still drinking theirs. When it was time for us to sleep, the biggest question was who would sleep next to whom. We had one bed and one comforter. We could obviously not make him sleep on the floor because it was very cold.

He was sleeping on one side of the bed. My friend looked at me. I asked him to shift to the centre. My friend stared at me again. So I decided to sleep in the middle because she seemed moody to me and I could not make out what she wanted. So I was sandwiched between both of them.

After a while, she walked out of the room for obvious reasons. I went out to call her twice but she refused to come in.

He too went out to call her but she told him to enjoy the night with me.

When he told me what she had said I was shocked that my best friend was saying things like this. She thought I hooked up with random guys like this.

He said, “Leave her alone and go to sleep. She will come on her own.” He was sleeping with his arms wide open. I don’t know what drew me to him but I comforted myself in his arms and we kissed.

Yes, we kissed. I hugged him and felt a feeling of exhilaration while I was in his arms. We kissed each other and enjoyed it too.

But I was worried about my friend because it was pretty cold outside. I asked him to call her into the room. Somehow he managed to do so. She came and after a lot of drama, she finally slept.

We had already become a little intimate and now all through the night he was admiring my beauty while I enjoyed the warmth of his love.

We could see each other’s faces via the dim light of his mobile. Oh My God, what a wonderful night it was. But yes, it was only kisses and smooches. Nothing more. We spent the night this way and early the next morning he left.

He hugged me while leaving and said, “I love you.”

I did not reply to him because I had no such feelings for him. We parted ways without knowing whether we would meet again. I returned to Delhi by flight and I knew he was travelling in his own vehicle. This meant that he would reach Delhi after four days. As soon as I reached Delhi, I called him and left him a message.

 I don’t know what made me do that but I said, “I miss you. I want to meet you. Meet me in Delhi. You know it is just desire at my end.”

He said he would try to meet me and that he needed to convince other people too. Well, I suppose - where there is a will, there is a way. He came to meet me in Delhi. I thought we would meet during the day in a bar or some such place and then depart. But he reached Delhi late in the night and planned to stay overnight there.

He said he wanted me to stay overnight with him. I said, “What are you saying? I can’t stay with you!” He said, “Trust me; I am not going to touch you.”

I was not looking for any kind of promise from his end but I just wanted to meet him. So I said, “Yes.” I took my time to finalize my decision and made up my mind to stay with him for a night. When he checked in, he told the hotel staff that he was there with his wife. As soon as I entered the room, I grabbed him and hugged him.

I don’t know what made me do that but yes, we kissed and this time without any restrictions.

We had our dinner together and also had a couple of drinks. The best part of the night was that we made it. Yes, I slept with a random guy that I met on a holiday despite being in a relationship already. I had stalked him for my friend but still, have no regrets about doing what I did.

I was all set to do this and I had wanted to do this with him desperately. I am happy I got a chance to do this for one night.

I was there in his arms and he was there in my arms. The only thing that had made me go to this extent was one thing that he had told me in our earlier meeting. I asked him if he remembered what he had told me while leaving me that morning in Leh. He said, “Yes, I know what I told you. I said I love you. And yes I do love you.”

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