I Sent Some Screenshots Of Our Chats To His Wife. He Hasn’t Dared To Contact Me After That.

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 2 April, 2018

I was 21 years old when I first met him. He was a faculty member in our college. We became friends over time and started chatting. We had so many things in common.

He had all the qualities that I was looking for in a guy.

We soon started talking more often. One fine day he proposed to me. I felt very happy because I felt my dream had come true. I fell more deeply in love with him with each passing day. We were really happy in each other’s company.

He treated me like a queen and other girls would feel jealous when they saw us together.
We may fall in love with different people at different times of our lives. But loving someone for the first time in our lives can be a truly magical and unique experience.

We would give each other several gifts. He would give me a lot of surprises too. I really loved being in this dream world of mine. He respected me a lot. All my friends would say that I was damn lucky to have a person like him in my life. My sister too would agree with this.

After a while, people would come to me and tell me to stay away from him because he was not a very good man.

They would indirectly drop hints saying that they had seen him with another girl several times.

I would just scold them and say that he could never cheat me. I would then tell them that maybe he went out with his sister.

I knew that trust was the most important aspect of love.

So I continued to love him without asking him any questions. I believed in the quote, “If you love someone set them free. If they come back they are yours. If they don’t they were never yours.”

One day I got a message on Facebook messenger. It was from a girl and she was asking me about him. She asked me to keep our conversation confidential. She wanted to know what kind of a relationship I shared with him.

I was loyal to him so I told her the truth.

The next morning, when I went to the college I asked him about the lady who had sent me those messages the previous day. I still remember his reaction.

I could see the fear on his face.

He then smiled and said she is my brother’s wife. He then told me that she stayed near their house. I trusted him and dropped the topic.

Soon I finished my college. Placement rounds were going on in our college. I was not selected so I thought it was better to do my masters in computer applications. I knew that I would easily get admission for this course in my college itself. Moreover, he was a faculty member in that department.

I am very close to my mom. I share everything with her. I had already told her about my first love. I still remember the day when I was going to finalize my admission in my college.  She had cooked something for him and asked me to gift it to him.

I was really very happy. Everyone around me could see the happiness in my eyes.

One day we were sitting next to each other in the college. We were busy chatting with each other when he suddenly got a call. He cut the call. The person at the other end was calling him continuously. But he did not answer any of the calls. I asked him to answer the call. He just said, “It’s our time sweetheart. I cannot pick up this call now.”I said, “OK” and smiled. But after a while, he got a call from the same person again. This time I could see the picture of the contact.

I sensed that there was something fishy.

I asked him to give me his mobile. But he refused to give it to me. I forced him to give me his mobile and when he finally gave it to me I realized that his mobile was password protected. He had never done this earlier. I shouted at him for the first time and when he entered the password on his mobile I saw that the girl who had been calling him had sent him several messages on Facebook messenger.

It was truly God’s grace that someone came to his cabin at that very moment. I just sent the contact number of that girl and his elder brother to my number over WhatsApp. I immediately deleted our chat and then started reading all the messages that the girl had sent him.

I wanted to slap him hard after I read all those messages from her. But I knew I was to blame too.

All the memories that I had of the times that we had spent together sneaked out as tears and rolled down my cheeks. I left the college and went home. I was unable to control my tears. When my mom saw my eyes, she wanted to know what had happened. I started crying again but I could not tell her what had actually happened. It was as if my entire world had shattered. I told my mom that I would discuss the matter with her later on and went to my friend’s place.

It hurts when the person who makes you feel so special betrays you.

I called the girl who had called him several times because I wanted to know what was going on between them. She was evasive and just told me that one of her friends likes him a lot. Somehow I couldn’t trust her so I raised my voice and told her that I wanted to know the truth.

She just cut my call and blocked my number.

I then called his elder brother. I had met him once. He was the one who told me the truth. He told me that the man I was in love with - was getting married shortly. I was shocked because I was totally unaware of this. His brother then told me that he was already in a relationship for the past 8 years. He was in love with that girl so he had gone against everyone and had married her in court.

He had married her on the day he had proposed to me.

I was really shocked to hear all this. Suddenly my world felt dark and cold. I was heartbroken when I knew that everything was over between us. Our relationship had lasted for two years. I did not know what to do or where to go. He had been my world and my world had shattered that day.

I knew I would get over it but at that point in time, the pain was really unbearable.

I returned home. It was while having dinner with my family that I got an email from a reputed company saying that I had been selected for the role of a Project Engineer. I had to join their firm next month. I hugged my mother and cried. I cried for my broken heart but somewhere amidst all this emotional turmoil, I was happy that I was going to create a good life for myself in an entirely new place.

With God's grace, I have started a new chapter of my life. I am so happy with my work. But this failed relationship has wounded me a lot. I now have trust issues. I can feel the change in my personality.

I am unable to trust anyone now. It takes years to build trust in a relationship and only a second to ruin it forever.

He tried to contact me after all this happened. I just took a few screenshots of all our chats and sent it to his wife.

He has not dared to contact me after that.
Author's Note:

I realized that I should never cry for the person who hurt me. So whenever I think of him I just smile and thank him for giving me a chance to find someone better than him.

Editor's Note:

It’s not easy to brush off the bitterness from our messed up relationships. We all find our own ways and means of letting go of people and relationships that hurt us. But why do we allow one person/relationship to tarnish the values that we believe in? Let’s learn to conquer our fears and be true to ourselves all through our lives. Do share this story if you too believe that one disastrous relationship should not adversely affect our personality.