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I Secretly Married The Love Of My Life Even Though I Am Already Married

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One day, he asked me once more, and again I gave him the same reason that I am married, and the mother of a kid. But this time, my attempt to answer him was a feeble one and I ended up accepting his proposal. I know that our society doesn’t accept a married woman falling in love again, but this had actually happened with me. Time flew, and eventually, he reached marriageable age. I couldn't even tell him not to get married as I knew that we had no future together.

But he made it a point to see that we got married secretly before he got married to the girl of his parent’s choice.

He loves me immensely and so do I. We respect each other and each other’s feelings too. We care for each other like any husband and wife would. My husband remains the same, he still does not leave a single opportunity to abuse me mentally and physically. I have moved away from my husband for my job. Krishna visits me whenever possible and we are happy to meet even though it is only for little time. We live in different towns, but we are in constant touch on the phone.

I have no regrets for falling in love with him, because now he is my world.

I love my daughter, so I have not left my husband for her sake, as she needs a father. He is happy without me. He takes care of my daughter but never spends anything on me or her. I need to fulfil all the necessities that are required to keep our home running. Even though I stand in the highest position today at work, my condition as soon I go my home, remains the same. Even today, he abuses me while comparing me with my maid, and sometimes with beggars. He utters all kinds of filth from his mouth to degrade me all the time.

Sometimes he hits me, and forces himself on me, physically. I bear everything silently for my daughter.

Whenever I cry after being abused, Krishna just consoles me without uttering a word against my husband. He never stops showing his unending love towards me. Though I am 8 years older to him, he never makes me feel the difference. He is more sensible than I am. We fulfil each other emotionally, financially, mentally and physically.

We are happy and content with our relationship. I have no complaints that he got married again, nor do I have any issue with his wife.

Krishna says that he wants both of us to be with him, and he is looking after us well. I would never want to lose him because if he is not there then I cannot be me. If I have reached the highest peak of my career today, it is because of him. I owe this life of mine to him. People may label me as a bad woman but only I know what I have gone through and what a difference Krishna has made in my life.

Our love is pure, it is free from labels and conditions.

It’s been 3 years since we got married secretly, and we still meet and stay like husband and wife in the four walls of our home for a day or a night. We talk, laugh, share everything with each other and then I cook for him, feed him, and he feeds me. We cry together and cherish every moment we spend together. I just pray to God daily that we never get separated, for God is the one who made us meet. I will always remain his Radha.

God forbid, if we ever get separated, I will die without any cause. And needless to say, the possibilities are very less but if I stay alive then I will remain his Meera for life.

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