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I Saw Them Together In Bed And I Just Left

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This happened almost 5 years back. I was a happy go-lucky teenager who was just going to turn 18. We all have hopes and excitement to know what happens when you're officially an 'adult'. So, as all teenagers do, I used to swoon profusely over my seniors at college.

I was really good at stalking, in fact you can call it obsessive stalking via social media. I had this humongous crush on him. And I was pretty aware that because of my actions he started to notice too.

So one day I receive a friend request and turns out it is him. With a cocaine affected heart I jumped with joy, I knew all my hard-work had finally been paid off. So we began to text and casually flirt with each other. Until one fine day he asked me out via social media.

To my excitement I called my best friend and told her everything. She told me to go ahead, so I accepted his proposal and we were finally official. Both of us come from different religions, we hadn't really thought about what we were going to do and just went with the flow and dealt nicely with the present. It went on for almost a year and a half, that was when he had completed his course and was looking for post graduate courses. In my defense, I wanted him close to me so that I wouldn't have to exhaust myself over a long distance relationship.

As days passed he got admission in an NIT nearby. I was personally excited for whatever he was going to face and I was all ears at the end of the day to know how his days went. So like that several days passed. H

He started mentioning to me about a so-called 'female-friend'. To be honest I was not particularly fond of her. She had this rich girl indecent vibe going for her.

I told him to stay away from her so as days passed he grew fond of her. She used to call him at night to clear her doubts and cry relentlessly over her lost boyfriend. And whenever I called him at night, his phone was always busy. This would go on for 2-3 hours until I put up a fight. He apologized and said he cut off all contacts with her. Little did I know that whatsapp existed back then.

For several days it was a fight I put up, he used to apologize saying it was his mistake. But I still had my doubts about this entire fiasco. Almost a week without no contact I asked my friend to check on him so as to know what was happening.

So this friend called him at 1 am in the morning and turns out a girl picked up the call. But this friend didn't tell me to protect me.

A week later I discovered that he was in Bengaluru with this girl. He sends me pictures of them grinding in a pub. Also sent me a video of them making out. I was furious but at the same time heartbroken. I was so into this fellow. I poured my heart out to him. I was willing to make sacrifices , I wanted to marry him but for him it was all a joke. Then when I went to see him, he was in his dorm room with her laying in his bed and both of them cuddling and sleeping.

Broken and with a heavy heart I chose not to wake them up. I left.

Then his friends confessed that they had been in a relationship and he has been sneaking around all this time. This went on for almost 3 months behind my back and I was so stupid that I didn't realize anything even though he was showing all signs of cheating. It was worth the one and a half year I had spent with him. I'll never show him or her any sort of anger. He moved on when I didn't. It is truly a lesson well learnt. I've heard both of them broke up as she found someone better and is going to get married soon. 

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