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I Met This Guy On Tinder And I Really Liked Him Till I Had This Awkward Conversation With Him

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This incident just happened last week on 24th June 2017. I met Pratik one month ago on Tinder. We chatted for a month but last week I had no time to chat or call because I was busy with work. Earlier he had asked for my contact number but I refused to give it to him but on the 23rd of June, I gave him my number. We spoke all night and his voice was adorable as he had a cold.

We were planning to meet the following weekend. On Saturday morning, he pretended not be home and said he was at his parents place in South Mumbai. No text from him, nothing. I was just waiting for him to reply.

On Saturday night, it was my cousin's birthday and I was partying with my family. After dinner, my cousin, his friend and I came to my place. I called up Pratik asking him to join in. He refused at first saying he was very broke so I said I’ll manage his commute from Kalyan to my place.

I took the car out and went all the way to pick him up. We spent all night drinking and when the alcohol was over we decided to go for a drive. Later, my cousin and her friend passed out and Pratik and I were up talking as he had to leave soon. It was 5:30 am.

The weather was crazy that night; rains and thunderstorm. We sat really close to each other and somehow, kissed. He asked me if I wanted to have sex and I said "No". He respected my decision. I started trusting him more after this incident. We booked a cab for him soon and he left.

The bomb dropped in the morning. After my dad came and I had to tell him the vodka got over. I had hidden two Whiskey bottles, so that it did not get consumed. I found one of the bottles but the main (my dad's favourite drink) was missing.

I called up Pratik to ask him if he had taken the bottle. I was so scared to ask, my voice was not even coming out of my throat. I knew he wouldn’t have done such a thing as he was anyway feeling bad all night because I paid for his commute.

When I asked him if he’d taken the bottle, he said “which bottle”. I, very hesitantly said, “whisky bottle”. He said no and just cut the call and blocked me from everywhere.

I spent my entire day crying. If you are reading this Pratik, I have one thing to say, I really liked you. When you respected my decision, I started trusting you more. I am really sorry for whatever happened. 

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