I Met Her For Arranged Marriage And Fell In Love But She Just Wanted To Break My Heart

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 3 July, 2017

I was the quintessential Indian shy guy. I had never approached a woman; I didn’t even have female friends. I was 29 years old, and my parents began to talk of getting me married. They placed an ad in the newspaper, and we got a number of proposals. My father first talked to them, and then we were supposed to meet and then talk to the girl’s family.

It was in this way that I met the girl who changed my life.

She was young, charming and smart. She took my number from her father and started texting me even before we were supposed to meet. She was pursuing her MBBS from a private college, away from her hometown. I asked her on the first day of my texting her, “Why do you want to get married? You seem so young.” She said she was doing her internship and we could both get married in the same year and the she'd probably stay with me and prepare for her post graduation examination. Our chats continued, and I felt like I had fallen in love for the first time.

The day came when she came with her family to visit us. She was even more beautiful in person and her smile made me to fall madly in love with her. We used to talk endlessly on the phone. I felt life was really beautiful.

About a month later we went to visit her family. There, she told me that she was yet to clear some papers and due to this, had not started her internship yet. She assured me that she would probably clear the exams in a month or so. I thought of not disclosing the same to my parents. Time went by and she got through her exams. I was happy for her. I guess I trusted her more than she deserved.

One day, my sister inquired about her in her college. This made her angry and she misbehaved with my sister on the phone. I had to intervene but she pacified me and also disclosed that she'd had boyfriends in the past and currently had some male friends, but they were just friends and nothing more. I felt bad about this but I thought since she was in a medical college, it was normal for her to have male friends. I forgot about what she had said to my sister and tried to move forward. The phone calls between us were getting longer. Texts were getting lovelier and more romantic. I felt happier than I ever had.

She then started her internship, and started going out with a postgraduate student in her college around the same time. Still, I believed they were “just friends”, as she called them. The guy used to call her at odd hours and I would find her phone engaged even at around 12.30 in the night.

She even went to the extent of joking with me about becoming his girlfriend so that I realize her worth. Her words hurt me so badly I cried. I was feeling choked. One day I decided to confront her. To my shock, she told me she had been sleeping with another postgraduate guy from her college for the past two years and termed him as “friend with benefits”. This broke my heart. I cried like hell and never spoke with her after that day. I could not believe what had happened.

I opened my heart to her, but clearly, I trusted the wrong woman. I am 32 today, and still single. I am unable to get over how easily she made a fool out of me, but she taught me that trust is the basis for love. Matches are made in heaven, and maybe we were just not meant to be.
Editor's Note:

Life sometimes puts us in difficult situations, and it can be heartbreaking to deal with the loss of one’s hopes and dreams. But all these situations only serve to teach us something and make us better, stronger people. Share this story if you have had to deal with a heartbreak and it made you a stronger person.