I Married My Friend Because I Had To Lie To My Parents About Him: Today I'm The Happiest Wife

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 28 June, 2017

When I was in my 11th grade, I went to a yoga camp in Jigani for holidays. And that is where I met Nagendra, my husband. It was not love at that time. I just wanted to be his friend.

But I wasn’t allowed to talk to guys as my dad was strict. And that made it difficult for me to strike a conversation. Nevertheless, I managed to be his friend somehow.

Later, to maintain this friendship, I had to lie to my parents saying that I loved him and that I will marry him. After a few months, my parents got us married at the registrar office as his parents were against it. I was 19 years old at that time and never knew what love felt like.

But to all the married couples out there, I would tell you one thing – sex is not everything. There can be a wonderful married life without sex too.

I was like most newly married women wanting my husband to be very romantic, tempting, dashing etc. But eventually, I realised that he had no romantic nerve in him. I felt rejected. I felt depressed and dead on the inside. I wanted to kill myself. 

At one point, I even planned to divorce him for the lack of sex in our marriage.

For me, a physical relationship was everything at that young age. I felt that it was the only way to express love and care towards a person. I understood only one language and that was sex.


Slowly, I was getting attracted to other men and started to watch porn. Life became miserable with each passing day and I used to wonder what was wrong with me. But I stayed.

Now, I am 30 years old, still married to him. It has been 11 years and I am extremely happy in my relationship with him. Don’t think he started having sex with me. 

We are still in a sexless relationship. But he showed me that there’s something more important than that for something to work.

He became my strength and showed me that love and care could be shown in other ways, too. Today, I proudly say that my husband is my God, my love, my mentor, my father and mother, my friend, my relative or any beautiful relationship there was to me. He's a wonderful human, he takes care of me like a baby. He gave me complete freedom and doesn’t restrict me; I can do anything I like. He understands all my emotions, my feelings, my mind, my tears, my laughs, my sorrows, and every little thing that I am.

He supports me in everything I do. He never gave me a reason to not love him or blame him. And my parents, he takes care of them like his own – to such an extent that my parents are fonder of him than me. 

It’s not that we are in this perfect marriage and don’t fight. We do, but the best part of it is that he’s always there on the other side to console me.

All he wants is for me to be happy at any cost. Slowly, I realised how lucky I am in this world with mean men around. We have a daughter Medha, who is now 5 years old. He takes care of her in the same way. We both are his two eyes, the queen and the princess of his house.

In all the love he has shown towards me and our daughter, I don’t feel the need for sex at all. We are made for each other, and I am the happiest wife who feels alive and in love every single day.