I Love My Wife Even Though She Is Scared Of Sex

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 11 August, 2017

How does society define a word like ‘marriage’? Does ‘marriage’ mean two people can engage with each other for their entire lifetime? Does it mean that their journey in life will have a fair share of joy, sorrow, madness, adventure, fun, love and care and that they will share all this together? Or is ‘marriage’ just a ritual which permits two people to indulge in sex?

I fell in love with a girl around two years back. I shared almost each and everything about my family and myself with her. Initially our family was against our marriage as we didn’t belong to the same caste and background.However, we fought with them and managed to convince them. One fine day we were happily married. After our marriage, we went on our honeymoon. We enjoyed traveling, getting naked, hugging, kissing and foreplay like all normal couples generally do.

I never tried to have sex with my wife as she was a little afraid to have sex. I never hurried her. During the honeymoon, my top priority was my wife’s comfort zone. After returning from our honeymoon, we tried to have sex again but faced some challenges.

I requested my wife to wait for some time. I told her that we would keep trying and it may take some time for us to get there. I also told her that if it was required we would go to some sex consultant who would guide us so that we could sort out our issue. But she didn’t understand what I was trying to tell her. She discussed our sex life with others. She told our family about our sex life. My family tried to sort things out at an internal level to ensure that we did not separate. On the other hand, my wife’s family requested me to book her return ticket so that she could get a break. They said they would send her back in a week. I accepted their request and booked the tickets for her.

Now there is a twist in our story! My wife’s family wanted to have a meeting with my parents in her hometown to discuss all these things. My family requested them to send my wife back. They asked my wife’s parents to give us one month’s time as we had been married very recently and had hardly spent 3 months together after getting married.

But my wife’s family denied our request and warned us that they would go in for a divorce. We reluctantly agreed for the meeting  because we wanted to find a solution for the problem.

When we went there, they put up a new demand saying that I needed to get an impotency test done in their hometown under the supervision of their doctor alone. I was aghast when I heard this demand.

My family denied their request and didn’t agree to any of their conditions. However I convinced my family that I would get the test done by the best sexologist in our hometown. We could easily find one with a Google search. They agreed to my suggestion because breaking up with my wife was not a solution for the problem.

I went to the sexologist and explained my scenario to him. According to him, this was a normal scenario that occurred between many couples. But due to my wife’s mistake, our problem was openly discussed by many people at a social level.

I did the entire test to prove that I was not impotent. The reports were positive. So we sent the reports to my wife’s family and requested them to take a decision based on the report.

I was surprised when I now heard them say that the doctor who examined me had a fraudulent degree and he was not capable enough of handling this situation. I sent the doctor’s profile to them. He had 23 years of experience and he was listed on the top in a Google search result and had excellent reviews!

But they did not believe the reports and denied my request when I asked them to send my wife back to our home. I requested my wife to convince her parents but she also denied doing so saying that she did not have the courage to fight with them this time.  We were married in February, 2017 and my wife is staying with her parents since May 2017. They decided to file for divorce because their daughter did not enjoy her married life of 3 months.

Author's Note:

I cared for my wife and loved her during the entire time we were together. But obviously it was not enough to save our marriage. I am still hoping that everything will become normal soon but the rest is up to God!

Editor's Note:

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