I Lost My Virginity And Heart To Him The First Time I Met Him: Today He Is My Fiance

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 6 July, 2017

When I was in the tenth standard, we had an inter-school event. I studied in an all-girls school and the event was in an all-boys school but I wasn't worried since the boys of that school were known to be well-mannered and respectful. So, there was this one guy, who was the head boy of the school and the universal crush. He was handsome and seemed to be perfect, the most ideal guy any girl could ask for. Everyone wanted to date him, including myself, and the icing on the cake was the fact that he was single.

I was dressed up in a heavy lehenga that day for the event. Just as my stint got over, this guy who was head boy's friend came up to me and said "I have the schedule file for tomorrow can you come and take it for your school?" He somehow convinced me and I obliged even though I didn't want to go with him because of my heavy attire. He took me to a room full of paper work, held my hand tightly and said, "only once". I immediately understood what he meant but that room was in a building quite far from the main building where the events were taking place.

Even shouting would not have helped. He pressed me hard against the wall but I was not a soft target and with my lehenga all I could do was to prevent him from kissing me. And yes, even though he had a girlfriend. I shouted NO not because he was taken but because I didn't like the way he touched me, forced me and looked at me.

At that moment, I was in shock to see how badly he wanted this to happen. Then he let go off my hands, held me tight by my waist so that my hands were between my breasts and his chest. I didn't like any of it and I wanted someone to help me. I thanked God because at that very moment I saw a guy with the head boy. You can't even imagine how relieved I was. Both of them rushed to save me, they beat him up and took this guy to the principal's office. I broke down and I couldn’t control my tears. The head boy told me, "don't worry, please don't cry as you're safe now and I'm sorry for what happened".

I was disturbed, even though nothing major or minor had happened.

He took me to the residential quarters and he hugged me and comforted me there. I really don't know what was going on in his mind then but he suddenly started kissing me. I was clearly not prepared so I put my hands up to gesture him to stop, he understood and he stopped. He seemed genuinely sorry but I walked off to the other part of the room.

I don't know whether it was attraction that took over me or the fact that I had a crush on him, or probably because he treated me like a queen in the few moments that I had known him, I went back to him and kissed him back. He wrapped one hand around my waist and the other around my neck and he didn't even attempt to hurt me.

He then took me to the bed and the next thing I know is that I was naked and so was he. I lost my virginity but I didn't regret it one bit.

He made me feel special and I did not think about anything else like what society would say. I DID IT! YES, I DID.

We were lying down facing each other. He made it all special for me because I truly enjoyed it too. He then said to me, “I love you" and I responded, "I think I love you too".

And today, as I write this, I look down at my engagement ring and smile warmly - yes, we are getting married. I cannot thank God enough for this special life. Ever since that day, he has treated me like a queen and not his property. He never tries to hurt me when we get intimate.

I love him! I don't regret the decision I made in the room that day because, “even if that ba****d would have raped you that day I would still marry you", were his words on our engagement day (he said this to me in private of course). Our families don’t know about our stint, they still assume we both are virgins.

Author's Note:

This story was written by someone who is very close to me but she wanted her identity to remain undisclosed. So here it is, and I wish them a lovely future ahead.