I Hope That Woman Never Has A Girl Child, Here's Why

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 26 July, 2018

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, so had I.

Life seemed to be beautiful with all the preparations going on. I was happy to get my would-be life-partner. I knew I was dusky in complexion and never wanted to get married to a fair skinned guy. I tried to ignore it, as I trusted my parents with this biggest decision of my life and in no time I became a married woman. A month went by in a blur. Shifting and settling into a new place was hectic. I couldn't even give proper time to my hubby.

I was drowning in happiness about getting a very loving family. My in-laws treated me as their own daughter. Their support was my power.

With time I fell for my husband more and more. But my intuition didn't let me be at peace. I didn't like his friendship with one of his colleagues. Though he got transferred to a new place, he was still in contact with her. Even before our marriage, I knew he was very close to her.

Their growing closeness was making me feel sick.

We had many fights because of her and after one such a heated argument, I left with my in-laws to our hometown. My husband came there as well, but only after meeting his so-called friend. I felt really bad about these so-called meetings. We came back to our home and discussed everything with each other in an open-minded manner.

I now knew about his past and he knew about my crushes.

My marriage was my first ever relationship, so I thought I was over thinking the little things. One day, he casually uploaded a picture with her and that cracked my patience. I didn't say anything but he came to know that I knew everything on his own. That day I found him more distant than he was in the last 3 months. While having dinner, he told me he was sorry for making me cry. He then kept quiet and on my angered insistence, he accepted something that became the biggest shock of my life.

All my intuitions were true. He had started dating her after our marriage.

I felt like my whole world came crashing down. The moments, which were supposed to be mine, were shamelessly stolen by someone else. I hated myself for trusting such a girl. That girl had even tried to befriend me. I had actually accused myself of thinking so lowly of my husband and her. I don't know when I had turned so gullible.

I asked him to leave me and live his life with his lover.

But, he said he loved me too. He even told me that she was just a mistake. I was not ready to accept anything he told me that day. All the words that fell out of his mouth seemed to be fake promises.

I ended up giving him another chance, to prove my thoughts about his character wrong.

I couldn't leave him because I truly loved him and cause of how our families would be broken. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt them. Do you want to know why I wrote this title? It is because that girl was just a gold digger. She would show her fake helplessness to my husband and get gifts from him. Even after working in a good company, she had told him that her salary got spent on her family's needs and that she wasn't left with anything. She asked him to book tickets for her, as she did not know how to do it and never returned the money. I am not money minded, but to me, money stands with self-respect. I will never accept gifts by showing my helplessness. I belong to a reputed and well to do family. I never even accepted any amount from my parents which wasn't necessary and if I took gifts, I returned them too. That's how I kept up my self-respect.

She took away those moments that I had with my husband with her acts of shameless selfishness.

She was even audacious enough to tell my husband that, by moving away from him, she had got into a new relationship. How easy was it for her, to forget her 'true love'. I heard that by the next month, she was enjoying her vacation, with her new 'boyfriend'.

I strongly request all the girls to not lose your dignity in order to get some amount of gifts; you're making someone's life miserable.
Author's Note:

I am a soft hearted person, I can only pen down my aggression but won't speak up. To that girl who stole my beautiful moments, I will pray to God to never bless you with a baby girl, as it's said that what goes around comes around. I don't want the burden of your sins to ruin a poor soul.


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