I Have Lost My Faith In Men Because Of My Bisexual Husband And Disloyal Lover

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 27 April, 2018

Not everyone is lucky enough to find the love of their life. Not everyone’s love gets reciprocated with love. It’s the hardcore truth and a fact of life. I had a horrid married life as my husband was a bisexual. My in-laws would harass and torture me. Going back to my parents' home did not look like a fit option for me as my parents were going through a tough time financially.

I did not understand my husband for years but later on it was confirmed that his orientation was different from a what was considered normal in our society. We had this family friend whom we trusted a lot. We would often visit his place and vice versa.

His wife did not like us much from the beginning. Many a time, I noticed that his wife complained about his character. She would say that this person was having an affair with an office colleague. Initially I believed her but later on, when I realized that she almost suspected every lady coming to their house, I left it and did not give much thought. One day my husband beat me up and I wanted to leave the house and run away. I had no one to guide me. I called this family friend of ours who was then travelling. I told him everything. My husband and I never had a relationship. He never cared for me. Often, he would ask this person to pick me up from my office or drop me somewhere, and so on.

When I told him about my issues, he guided me well and I returned to my house. But ever since then, his frequency of messaging and texting me had increased. We became close friends and he also started sharing his personal problems with me.

He said that we both are suffering in our relationships, why can't we take help from each other as friends? I thought his wife is the same as my husband and trusted all his lies. We became close, very close. One day his colleague (the apparent mistress) saw us while he was picking me up from office. She had my number due to some work. She started texting me, asking about him and much more. I grew suspicious. On further investigation, I found out that my instincts were right. This guy had made a fool of me, in fact, he was having a relationship with this colleague too. In between this, his wife also got pregnant which was shocking. I confronted him because line by line I caught his lies and cheats. He abused me and called me a cheap lady hungry for sex. My dad passed away and I got separated from my husband and still, that man did not behave well.

I told him in anger that I would like to tell his wife and colleague what he had been doing to me upon which he called me a blackmailer. I went into severe depression. I wanted to end my life.

I still am in depression. Every lie of his, every dialogue still hovers my mind. I have become anti-social and irate. I am suspicious of everyone and I don’t like men at all. I have turned into a misandrist. And that guy is enjoying a happy married life with his wife, but I am ruined forever. Till my last breath, neither will I trust any man nor will I be able to love anyone. He shattered me to the extent that nobody can bring me back.

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