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I Have A Thing For Committed Men And Your Man Will Soon Be Sleeping With Me: It's Not My Fault, It's Yours

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*For representational purpose only.

The meeting will be very casual, a coffee shop or an elevator. My dress will be simple, but worthy enough to grab his eyeballs. I will smile at him, a smile that says ‘I know you are interested and I don’t mind that.’ His eyes full of lust and desire to try something new, will keep staring with hope. Being the noble person that I am, I will not disappoint him.

Exchanging numbers would be easy. I will then act pricey and unavailable, something that you are not. He is used to the woman always being there for him, his calls being attended in the very first ring. He will not be getting all that from me, I will play hard-to-get and that is what will attract him even more. That is how he likes it.

After avoiding for a while, I will finally call him and have a wonderful conversation full of laughter. It will be about me, about him, about our likes and dislikes, something that you guys don’t do anymore. He might just put your call on hold for mine, not because he loves me but because we don’t share the bond where we are answerable to each other.

A couple of movie dates, fancy dining dates and long drives will finally lead to a meeting in my apartment. He will be nervous entering it, unassertive of my reaction to his gestures. With you he is the confident one, treating you like his own property, you will not disapprove of what he does. Me? I may just ask him to leave. He is scared. Scared not to lose me but to miss out on the action he has been waiting for.

My sex appeal has taken him down. Maybe you are much sexier than me but you stopped flaunting it, didn’t you? Your skin might just be softer but his hands will soon be sliding over mine. Amongst these erotic moments, he might just think of you, but then his unfulfilled desires will make him turn to me and soon into me. He will not let me know of your existence, I already know but I will play along. After all that is the part I want. I like committed guys.

He didn’t plan to cheat on you. You didn’t expect him to do that either. Everything loses its lustre, so has your relationship.

While on bed, I am not going to wear my worst pyjamas, I am not going to reveal my un-waxed arms and legs, neither am I going to fiddle through my phone. I will be the sexy woman he wants all to himself. You will want to call me names when you get to know, but am I the one to be blamed? Not really!

You both stopped working towards saving the relationship. If not me, it would have been someone else. Unperturbed by your views, I like what I do. I am the hidden secret to every man’s life. I am the devil that lives inside them. I am the guilty pleasure that they are unable to find in you. Your loss is my victory.

I am not a double faced b**ch. I tell the world about my aspirations. My friends ask me, why go for committed men? I have never found the perfect answer to that. But amongst a few that I have slept with, most of them have brought back life to the dead relationships they share with women like you. It makes me happy. I am like the batman of relationships. I am surrounded by darkness but I bring light to other’s lives.

You think they love me? No. They love the ‘you’ in their lives. The person who listens to all their bullshit and renders support, the one person they say they are fed up off but can never let go, the person with whom they are leading a dead life but they are leading a life only because of you, you are the mother, you are the woman who will be the mother to his child. I am just a one-time affair. I am that frustration dump that gives life to your relationship.

Once our sexual intercourse is over he will not turn to me and I will certainly not turn to him. But he will come back to you. Don’t be surprised if he loves you more and cares more than usual. Maybe that is why he got attracted to me. He wanted to save you from the emotional volcano which erupted that one night. Men like experiments. Men like new things. He needed me only because you stopped doing all of this. I am the experiment to his life. You could have been that too, but you stopped working on it.

I was once asked, "Don’t you ever fall in love with anyone?" Well, that is why I do it. Not to fall in love. Because once I do, I will not be exciting anymore. I will not be sexy. I will not be the ‘mysterious’ me. I would be another you. I would be the messy and cold person that you have become.

He didn’t cheat on you because you aren’t hot. He cheated because he wanted to experiment and he didn't want you to feel the pain. You will always find him coming back to you. After all, you are the one. If not me, it would have been someone else.

I don’t go back to the men who have served me. Yes, I like to say it like that. Why should we always be served on a platter to them? They think they used me. It all went according to my plan. They did exactly as I wanted. They soon realize it because when they wake up, I am not standing there with a steaming cup of coffee. I am gone long before that. I will not cuddle. I will not hug. I will not say good morning to text them later to say goodbye.

I will make them feel like shit, used. I will make them feel something that you don’t. That is when your thoughts will come back. They will be guilty. They will realize why they are with you and what your presence in their life means to them.

I am basically the future that you can avoid. He doesn’t need me to teach him a lesson. He needs you to avoid the lift and coffee shop encounters, only if he knows there is something new waiting for him back home. 

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