I Had An Affair With My Husband’s Best Friend And I'm Not Sorry

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 24 March, 2020

The best time of my life was back when I was in school and college. I had fallen for a guy named Sunil. We were so in love but we couldn’t get married because he was South Indian and his parents wanted a Brahmin girl.

When the situation with Sunil didn’t work out, I decided to move on and married a guy who belonged to my caste, was well educated and well off. He was broad minded and fun. We lived in the US for 7 years post marriage, after which, he was insistent on coming back.

Things changed when we moved back to India; our love began to fade and we started having less sex. Everything started going downhill. I thought about committing suicide so many times but stopped because of my two daughters.

I left everything for him; partying, friends, dressing up, and now he wasn’t even ready to sleep with me. I begged and pleaded but he kept saying will do it the following day, and that day never came.

After a point, I thought to myself, "What is the point of being a faithful wife if he doesn’t reciprocate the love?" He disrespects me, insults me in front of my kids and family so why should I give him respect? So, I joined a call centre where I had an affair with a much younger boy.

We had such an amazing time together but I soon realized my mistake and went back to being faithful to my husband. I devoted myself to him for two years, sincerely hoping he’d change but he didn’t.

I love sex. I am young and I want to have sex regularly. I don’t know what happened to me but I really wanted to punish my husband for putting me through such hell. So, I had an affair with his best friend for three months.

I think he found out but it didn’t matter to him. Now, I have gained weight and lost all my self confidence. I will make sure my girls grow up to be strong, independent women who don’t need a guy.

In another 10 years, when my girls are young adults, I plan to divorce my husband.

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