I Got Back With Him After My Abortion Because He Threatened To Post My Nudes Online

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 3 June, 2018

I had just finished writing my 10th standard board exams. I was waiting for my results. We had a break for about a month. It was during this time that I created my account on Facebook. I made many new friends here but I was just a little girl at that time.

I didn’t know much about the social media and had no idea about how bad it could turn out to be.

A guy used to stalk my Facebook account and one fine day he sent me a text message. I didn’t want to talk to him so I just ignored him. But he continued texting me so eventually I replied to him. We began talking and within a couple of months, he became my boyfriend. 

He seemed like a very nice guy in the beginning but he showed his true colours after a while. A few months later he said he wanted me to have sex with him.

I said, “No.” We argued for a long time about getting physically involved with each other. I was just a kid and I didn’t know much about anything. I cried a lot and told him I didn’t want to do it. But he had got into the habit of emotionally blackmailing me.

He would say, “Don’t you love me?”

We continued to have these kinds of arguments daily for a couple of months after which I agreed to have sex with him. After that whenever we met he wanted to have sex with me. If I didn’t agree he would emotionally blackmail me.

That is when I realized that this guy was a sex freak. He now started asking me to send him my nudes over WhatsApp. If I refused to do so he would stop talking to me and say that he would leave me.

I loved him and trusted him so I did whatever he said. A year later he came to my house when my parents were away. He told me that he had just come to meet me.

But he ended up having unprotected sex with me after which I became pregnant.

My parents and relatives did not know about our relationship. It was not a normal pregnancy. It was an ectopic pregnancy. The foetus had developed inside one of my Fallopian tubes.

Even I did not know that I was pregnant.

In fact, I realized I was pregnant only after 3 months when I felt a strong sharp pain in my lower abdomen. It was so intense that I fainted. I was taken to the hospital and the doctors diagnosed it as an ectopic pregnancy. One of my Fallopian tubes had burst due to the growth of the foetus and this had resulted in severe internal bleeding.

The pregnancy was aborted surgically and the whole tube along with the ovary had to be removed.

I was unconscious for a day or so. I was in the ICU when I regained my senses. Some of my school friends had come to see me. I asked them about my boyfriend. They told me that he knew that I was hospitalized but didn’t come. I was disappointed.

I tried calling him several times but he didn’t take my calls.

I was heartbroken and very disappointed when he didn't talk to me. And I decided to break up with him. I told him about my decision. But to my surprise, he said he didn't want to leave me.

But I had decided to separate from him.

I did my best to avoid him and when he realized that I was not coming back he decided to hack my Facebook account. He wanted to take revenge now so he blackmailed me and said he would post my nudes all over it. I was scared that he would do this.

I didn’t want my parents to know about the nudes that I had sent him. So I had to get back to him.

A few months later I met a new guy. He seemed like a nice guy but I had trust issues now so I didn’t talk much with him. But I realized that he was a genuinely nice guy. So I became friends with him. I knew he liked me. But I was afraid to get into any other relationship now.

So to test him I told him everything about myself. But he still accepted me the way I was. In fact, he started loving me more after I accepted him as my boyfriend.

I told my old sex freak boyfriend to leave me now. But he started operating my Facebook account daily now. He started putting up inappropriate posts and did all kinds of illegal things with that account.

My new boyfriend told me not to worry about it. He talked to him about it. But my old boyfriend told him that he will not stop doing whatever he is doing. So my current boyfriend told him that we would go to the police. But that guy says we can’t touch him because he has a government job.

This guy constantly harasses me and my boyfriend now. We don’t really care too much about it now. He threatens us and says he will kill us both when he meets us but he never comes in front of us.
Editor's Note:

Do we derive a sense of identity from the virtual world? Are we eager to explore things that we are not yet ready for? Are the lessons that we learn from such bitter life-changing experiences worth our while? Shouldn’t we all be focussing on our career at this age/time? Let’s share this story because sometimes our mistakes create irreparable damage to our immature bodies, minds and hearts. We owe ourselves a decent life. It’s up to us to create it too.