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I Got Back At My Husband For Cheating On Me And I Don't Repent It

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We've been married for over 26 years and had dated for a year before that.

26 years of a relationship where I took over the running of the house as my husband had serious health issues and needed bed rest. He slowly recovered but got accustomed to a lazy lifestyle and refused to do any mainstream job.

26 years of struggle and one day, I discover that this man, whom I gave my best, was cheating on me with a low-class worker.

It was an appalling feeling. Initially, I refused to believe it till I got my facts and proof in place. A surge of anger rushed through my body and it took me a few hours to accept it.

This person who was so sweet in front of me was cheating on me, in my own house, when I was away at work!

He did not apologize nor accept his mistake. In fact, I was blamed for his actions because he was bored of being at home and hence committed this act!

I wept and shouted. I went to a counsellor and even took antidepressants. I joined yoga classes, dance classes, did meditation, went to the gym and tried everything possible but to no avail. His family blamed me for not giving him time.

Was I expected to sit at home and entertain him instead of taking care of the house, my child, and his future?

However, over the period of the next few months, I realized that being cheated on was the best thing that happened to me.

I had an upper hand and kept rebuking him for what he had done.

But life had other plans for me. An ex-colleague, who was in touch with me, realized that I was in pain. He was also married but understood me well.

It was a huge relief to find someone who shared my pain. We developed a strong attraction, which led to an emotional affair.

I was happy again, as I had found someone who made me feel alive.

When we met, the inevitable happened. We found solace in each other's arms.

We are both in different cities so we don’t meet often but we are in touch. Nothing matters to me now and I don't care what my husband does.

I got back at him for what he did to me.

Now, I have found my peace. He is my magic and I don’t repent anything.

I don't know what the future holds for us but we are happy in this space.

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