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I Found Love Again And My Marriage Has Got Nothing To Do With It

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We are sitting on a beach with my head on his shoulders, as I write this. We got tired after swimming so much at the sea. Jessan is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life. The sun has set and the darkness has overpowered the rays of the sun, but with Jessan, every second of my life is like a bright and sunny day, full of life.

I looked at him and realized, that despite the fact that it has been 10 years since we know each other, there's still love in our bond, just like day one when we had first met. Even though, I am married to someone else, he still has always been my love and stayed by my side, no matter what.

I have had a love marriage with my husband but our differences in thoughts took a toll on our marriage. The relationship established a new milestone towards getting spoilt every day. The time when I was at my worst, I met Jessan. In the first instance itself, we clicked. We worked in the same office. Our love developed from a friendship. We had gone out of office for some work and while we chatted, we found out that we equally love clubbing and occasionally drinking. And from then, there was no turning back. We went to a club together, we got drunk and he kissed me. The hungry bitch in me equally reciprocated as I was tired of begging my husband to make love with me because he hardly did.

So, lust took a toll on my fidelity. Every day we would reach office early so that we could steal a couple of kisses before everyone comes.

Once, there was no one in the office and the keys were with me, we made out on the desk. Initially, it was only lust that drove us but slowly things took a different turn when the lust got tired and love came into our relationship. We had madly fallen in love. We would travel for hours just to see each other. Every single morning, he asks me for my pic and every single morning, he never fails to praise me for whatever I am.

He has made me a real princess. I would have died of depression or would have committed suicide because of the failing relationship with my husband. Before it all started, I have told my husband numerous times, and even begged him, pleaded with him to love me and respect me. Every human being needs emotional and physical support from their spouse but here I was not getting it even after begging him. And all this made me fall for Jessan. He knows me much more than I know myself.

Call me a bitch, but that’s okay. I need love, care and respect and I am not sorry for demanding it. With Jessan, I got all.

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