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I Fell In Love With A Guy Who Only Wanted To Sleep With Me: I Can’t Believe I Actually Fell For It

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I met him in my college; he was handsome, tall and seemed like a gem of a person. It all started when I accidentally sat beside him. No doubt I was a fool; he started flirting with me and I fell in love with him. I couldn’t see anyone else as my life partner.  

He responded to my love because he wanted a girlfriend in college. He was a womanizer, even while he was with me. As days passed, he told me he did not want any commitment and only wanted a physical relationship. I was not ready for that. Then began the fights. He later started torturing me saying I had to get physical with him if I wanted him. I was under a lot of pressure because all our friends thought we were in a committed relationship.

One day he called me over saying his parents weren’t home. I refused to go but he started threatening me. I went and that demon got what he wanted.  When a girl knows a guy doesn’t love her, how can she get physical? Moreover, after that he shamelessly started torturing me.

He would tell me, “I know you’re the type of girl who would stick with a guy if you got physical with him. I started losing weight, failed in my exams and was miserable.   

At one point I actually thought he’s changed and I had made up my mind that if he started doing the same things again, I will leave him. It was not like no guys used to approach me but for me he was my one and only, I had decided long back that I’ll always be with one guy.

I had always been a support to him, he neither had a house to live nor a job to earn from. To add to it, he didn’t have a good heart either. Money never mattered to me so I used to support him financially.

One fine day he asked me if I wanted to go out or stay at some hotel to have sex. I chose the former. He stopped talking to me. I decided to throw him out of my life. There was this guy who was head over heels in love with me. I used to hangout with him.

My ex returned to me after a month, just because he couldn’t take the fact that I removed him from my social media. He told me he loved me and tried to convince me to come back to him. But just one hour later he told me had made another girlfriend and they even had sex. I was shattered. I was broken. I just wanted to run away.

Meanwhile, the other guy kept telling me how much he loved me, he accepted me for who I was. I thought maybe he was the one for me. I trusted him and eventually fell for him. However, his family had issues with my caste. He said he couldn’t fight with his family for me. So just like that, he also left me.

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