I Didn’t Know What I Was Stepping Into When I Decided To Date Him: It Was A Trap

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It was my 16th birthday when I met him for the first time. He was 9 years elder to me. His cousin was my neighbour. So it was this cousin of his who played the cupid among us.

Honestly, as a 16-year-old, I hardly understood love. For me, love meant marriage.

I was quite attractive those days. Lots of boys from my school and my locality kept sending love proposals for me. I was never interested in them. But when I met him, something clicked. He wasn't good looking nor had a good personality. But his talk charmed me. He proposed me the same day and I was in cloud nine. I was too young to understand that as a 25-year-old, this guy was a pro and well experienced in wooing a girl.

I started falling for him and gradually, we entered into a relationship.

All my friends kept saying that we both don't make a good couple as we didn't match each other. My family was totally against him. They said that he was a big flirt. Once I met his ex and she too warned me against him. But I was so crazy that I ignored everyone and just loved him. I think the reason I was attracted to him was his age. I kind of liked big boys. But I was too little to handle such a relationship I feel.

He used to talk sex and as a minor, I couldn't understand or react the way he wanted.

Many times we had this fights and he used to speak shit which as a mirror was too much to handle. I felt lots of pressure and as a result, I could not concentrate on my studies. Moreover, I stopped doing things that someone of my age does. I tried to behave like an adult. As a result, I lost all my friends. In fact, my relationship with my family was also getting worst. They felt I was spoiled. My neighbour started speaking ill about me. But I didn't care. I was dreaming of marrying him someday.

I gave up all my career goals and was just focusing on my love life.

Then it came the big day; the day of realization and guilt. My boyfriend took me on a date and said he wanted to tell me something. And before that, he tried to get cozy with me and also proposed sex. When I denied, he told me that he was engaged to someone else and getting married by the end of the year.

He said that he was ready to continue our affair even after his marriage if I wanted.

I was shocked. I immediately left the place. I didn't know how to react. I took a bus from the stand unaware of where it was going. I told the conductor to give me a ticket of the last destination. I took the window seat. I couldn't stop my tears so I tried to hide my face and look outside the window. As the bus moved, lots of memories flashed up and I realized that it has been 5 years.

I am 21 now and for the last 5 years, I did nothing except loving this shit person.

I lost all my friends. My family hated me. My career went for a toss. Actually, I realized that I wasted the most precious years of my life which I can never bring back. My first love became the biggest mistake of my life. I would like to share this story of mine with all so that young kids understand the value of time.

Career, friends, and family are equally important as love. So never get carried away. Do the right thing at the right time.

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