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I Did Everything For Her, Even Cheated On My Wife And This Is How She Returned The Favor

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I was happily married for 10 years with a kid, life was smooth and there was no family drama like other couples. We were living an ideal married life.

I was in Bangalore when I got in touch with this girl. She was a college junior, we never spoke much in college, but we knew each other. I was happy to meet someone from college days.

After meeting her, I got to know that her divorce case was pending in court, and she was living alone with her four year old son. I felt sorry for her, so my wife and I were very friendly with her.

One day, she was at my place with her kid. We had a few drinks at night, after which my wife went to bed with the children. Now we were left alone. We were continuously drinking, and at one point, we were so high, that she started opening her shirt buttons, and I could not resist her. She wanted me to kiss her, which I did. After that, we went upstairs for a cigarette, and had sex there. My wife woke up around 4 am and sensed that something was wrong. She came upstairs and saw me kissing her. A fight followed, and she left with her kid.

A few days later, she called me at 2 am, her kid had high fever, and she was worried. I bought them medicines, and went back home. After this, we started meeting regularly.

She told me that she liked a guy from her office who was also a divorcee, but he never cared for her much. I used to cheer her up by taking her out, because she was alone with her kid. I thought of her as a good friend only, and we agreed that things that happened that night would not be repeated again.

Time passed, and I convinced my wife that we had just kissed, and nothing more, and it was because of the alcohol. Everything was settled, and three of us used to hang around together.

Sometimes, I used to visit her without telling my wife. One day, she went to drop her kid at her parent’s house as she had some travel plans at work. I went to pick her up from the airport, after which we went to the pub. We got drunk again, and ended up having sex at her place for the whole night.

We again decided that this won’t be repeated. Soon, I moved abroad, and during these days, her intimacy with her senior increased. I was okay as she wanted to marry him, but I felt that he was only using her.

One day, she suddenly called me and said that she cannot continue this friendship, and I could hear her senior from behind. I understood at once that it was that man who was making her do this.

I was a friend who supported her whenever she needed me, and I never said no to anything. I considered her a true friend, and she couldn’t even take a stand for our friendship.

She wanted to have sex, she did everything to have it. She needed a friend, she had me.

She broke all barriers for our friendship, and told the guy everything we had between us, which was supposed to be a secret. Things were going smooth, and it could have continued to be so, if only she wanted.

I was guilty that I cheated on my wife for this woman.

I told my wife everything, and have promised to never do anything wrong ever again. I beg my wife to forgive me every day. The one thing that I have learnt is, never put your marriage at stake for anyone. Because these side chicks will leave you, and it is your wife who is there to stay.

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