I Did A Few Things Out Of Curiosity And Hormonal Changes... To My Sister

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 22 March, 2018

We are family of four - myself, my elder sister who is one year older than me, my mother and father. We are quite traditional, and our parents were strict. This is the story of when I was about 12-13 years old. I was mostly an outgoing guy, I would play a lot of games and be always out of the home. As our upbringing was strict, and my mom was a working woman, she always made sure that I respect my sister and other girls, and most of the household work was done by me. My parents never asked my sister to do some work or go get groceries. Normally, my day would start, by going to school, playing cricket at school, and once back home, I would again play cricket in the evening and come back home by 7 pm. We would watch TV (DD channel), and go to sleep. I was not too close to my sister, I never hugged her, nor did she ever hug me, but I had respect and love for her.

My sister was beautiful, and most of the school boys would stare at her, propose to her and try to impress her.

They would sometimes try to strike a conversation with me, and I would sometimes ignore as if I didn't know or I didn't want to get into it as I was a bit afraid of that. My sister would treat me like an elder brother, she shared a lot of things with me and depended on me. I would defend her in front of my parents for her wrongdoings. This was the age where my friends would talk about masturbation, and I didn't have any knowledge of it. I was also a bit of an introvert, I had only a few close guy friends and didn't have any female friends. I would talk to girls but was shy and afraid.

My hormones started to hit then, pubic hair started to grow around my d**k, and I used to get hard-on in the mornings. And slowly, I started to learn how to masturbate by experimenting with my d**k. The first time when I stroked myself, I ejaculated but I didn't know what it was. I was scared, as I didn't know when it would end. After that I experimented with myself a lot, it was a different feeling, I enjoyed it.

Then all this started one day, I accidentally saw my sister’s cleavage when she bent to take her shoes, her boobs were so good. From then on, I would try to get a glimpse of her boobs, whenever I could. One night, we were sleeping and I was feeling too aroused, I touched her boobs over her shirt, she was in her school uniform.

She was sleeping, I dared further, I undid one button and entered my hand inside her, she was wearing a petticoat. I felt her naked boob, it was such a nice feeling, smooth. I didn't have the knowledge then that nipples get erect, so I didn't even notice that.

Then, I went down to touch her p***y, until then I had a few glimpses of a p***y because I had seen naked kids when they were bathing outside, but I only saw an inverted triangle. I never knew how it really was until I saw my first porn movie at the age of 18. This time, I was only curious to touch it, so I entered my hand under her skirt and put my hand inside her underwear to touch it, she was hairy down there. I parted her legs and cupped her entire vagina with my palm, it felt good. I didn't even know about the clitoris and all that stuff, I was immature.

I withdrew my hand and accidentally smelled it, it had a little bit of pee smell, I didn't like it. I was hard by now, I took her hand and put it on my d**k, just to get a feel of it and then removed it. Then I took my d**k close her face and made it touch her lips. I was scared by this time, I was scared of her waking up. I am not sure if she was awake because all this happened at least for an hour, then I slept. From then on, I tried to touch her now and then in her sleep, only her boobs over her clothes, I never touched her p***y again.

I think she knew about me touching her, maybe she was more matured than me to know that I was only curious, or she was afraid of what I was doing to her and remained silent to salvage our relationship.

Sometimes my sister would ask me to sleep beside her, I would sleep close to her just to touch my d**k on her ass. We were alone at home many times, but I never took a step further. We would talk normally and had our brother-sister fights. As time passed, after my schooling, I moved out of my home for further studies.

Finally, at the age of 18, I started watching porn regularly, and I learned all that I wanted to know. I had made a few girl friends by then, but I never misbehaved with them or had sex with them. The curiosity that I had in my childhood was not there anymore.

I had my first sexual experience at the age of 24, and then had a couple of more encounters. I still have immense respect for my sister and love her, I did a few things out of curiosity or hormonal changes, I had no knowledge of sex or sexual intercourse then, I just wanted to touch female body parts to know how they felt. But I now regret it sometimes. She is married now and I am too, I am happy that our relationship is stronger now.

Editor's Note:

It's never too early to educate your child, to give them a basic understanding of sex and consent. Like charity, abuse also begins at home. But don't worry, awareness also begins at home if you share this