I Couldn’t Resist Kissing Her Even When I Knew She Was Married And Had Kids

Lipse Juven Lipse Juven in Dirty Picture on 30 April, 2018

I knew she was lying to me; she had everything, beautiful kids, husband, all comfort and pleasure. But she had no love; she was missing a man who can love her intensely.

I just read her lonely eyes. Even after having all the worlds around her, she seemed lonely.

I never thought of it as an advantage to enter into her life but there was something that pulled me to fall for her without thinking much.

I started talking to her and praising her beauty. She really was so beautiful, I believe every woman is but it also depends on whom you love, she becomes more precious. She said that her husband never appreciated her and never said anything beautiful to her.

It was a marriage that gave everything to her, kids, social status but she sacrificed her desire and affection for the love.

Well, when I asked her about if this was true she just denied and said leave it; she was okay as all it was. It shocked me about the man who failed to bind himself into emotions of her life partner.

I started making her feel better, with my care every day, and sweet words started melting the stones that she put out of her heart to save herself from any kind of waves of emotions.

It was my constant and daily pouring of love that overwhelmed her so much and she started to melt into my affection.

It was not a normal day, she was wearing a very beautiful purple saree and very tempting backless blouse, that made me feel like I lost everything in this world and I was just born for her. That she was the only purpose to be here for me. I complimented on her looks and she said that it was her birthday. I asked for her address so that I could send her a gift.

Next day, I had sent her a picture of a very sexy babydoll and G-string panties. She asked me, “What the hell have you sent to me?” I replied, “I’ve only sent what you didn’t get from your husband.”

She was very angry and stopped talking to me for few days. But she received the gift, took a picture and sent it to me.

She said that she had never received such a beautiful gift ever before. After that, I started caring for her more and giving the love that she was missing in her life.

Sometimes, her sadness spoke to me like there was something she was trying to hide. So, I kept asking her again and again, to which she replied, “I have affection for someone else, not you.”

It felt like the sky just had fallen down on me. It took me months to recover from that. I asked her so many times whether she was lying or just making things up to keep away me from her life. But every time, she said the same thing that she was speaking the truth.

That was the time I felt like a loser and the sands in my hands were falling and I was losing everything. I started diverting myself and stopped talking to her for few days.

I tried hard to figure out and I was sure that it wasn’t her figure or beautiful personality that attracted me towards her. It was beyond all that pulled me every time near to her.

Despite all her frustration and stress in her life, I was addicted to her like she was the finest wine blended in the heaven.

I asked her so many times about how she felt for me, but every time she hid it and kept it closed inside her to show herself as a stronger person. But I knew she loved me and she was lying to me.

I was stuck with my boat in the stormy ocean, trying hard to sail it and to reach the shore.

But one day, she called me and said that she wanted to meet me. She had come to my town and I invited her to my place.

I was waiting outside to receive her. She was wearing yellow top and black jeans that made me lost completely. She came and when she started talking to me, her moving lips made me mad to just go and kiss her badly. It was hard to control. I did not listen to anything she said, I was just moving with her lips.

I asked her to go to the top floor and she was walking to upstairs with me. We reached and I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away and said that she just came to meet me.

It was a kind of heartbreak. It was also something that when you don’t get it easily you desire for it more.

It happened with me too, I fell more into her depth that it was hard to come back again.

After few days, we planned to meet again and this time she did not push me away. I embraced her tightly, walked into the room and closed the door.

I started kissing her so badly like I was starving for her. I was so wild it was beyond her imagination. We made the walls alive from our passionate moaning. She was lying on the bed and under the sheet. Her curves would never let you believe that she had kids at home.

She was something beyond all imagination. She started trying to convince me that she was not my future and a whole life was waiting for me.

I will have a young girl to marry, but I said that who had tested the wine can never be satisfied with pumpkin soup.

And she kissed me...

Editor's Note:

It's true, after all. We can't control who we fall for. Share this story because love happens when you least expect it.