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I Cheated On Him Once But I Am Not Sure Why I Should Regret It Now

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Aksar ye kaha jaata hai ki aap jis kism ke logon se nafrat karte ho waise hi ban jaate ho (It is often said that you end up becoming exactly like the kind of person that you hate). I've never agreed with this statement until it happened to me. There are traces of the day still prominent in my memory, yet I pass it off like a sweet nightmare. My boyfriend and I were on a mission of fulfilling our fantasies.

We found a perfect fit in each other as a couple but the guy, let’s call him A, had a problem. I had made small talk with A and he didn’t want anything to do with me, so we decided not to take it further.

I never thought I’d talk to A again since I was in a relationship with someone and I didn’t want to cheat on him. But destiny had some other plans. One day, he sent me a text and we began talking, after a while, we were talking about how our respective partners didn’t quite appreciate us and so on. We discussed all our wild adventures with our respective partners, including sex. He tried hitting on me and I’d deliberately remind about our partners.

We decided to meet up the very next day and he teased me about how he’ll be kissing me. I laughed it off.

Next morning, he picked me up from my place and took me on a long drive before we went to the place we had decided to have lunch at. He would ride his bike fast, so I’d hold him tight. I love tall guys and he was really tall, exactly how I wanted my man to be. We had lunch and set out again. I jokingly asked, why he didn’t meet me earlier, and he took my hand that rested on his shoulder and held it against his chest.

I put my other hand over. We then found a secluded ground to spend some time and there was an abandoned lorry. Once he deemed it safe, we hopped inside. He pulled me into his arms and hugged me. For once, we both forgot about our partners and enjoyed each other. We kissed each other and did the intimate things that a couple does. Everything seemed so perfect at the moment, straight out of a rom-com flick. Even though I love my man, I won’t ever forget that day. No, I don’t have feelings for A.

I don’t intend to conclude by saying that cheating is good. It is just something that happened, it is not necessary to always label things as black or white.

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