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I Caught My Favorite Cousin Secretly Filming Me But That's Not Why I Ended Our Relationship

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I was just 12 when he came to our house. He was my favorite cousin. I was extremely fond of him since my childhood.

When I got to know that he was going to come and live with us, the joy inside me knew no bounds. Somewhere I knew that my mom would take more care of him than me (I also wrote this in my diary), but that never bothered me. In a year or so, I started thinking of him as a real brother.

He used to be my prized possession. We ate together, played together, studied together and cared for each other. Because that’s what brothers and sisters are there for, right?

But one day, everything just shattered. That summer night was the darkest, longest and scariest night of my life.

I was taking a bath, when suddenly, I saw a hand with a camera phone in the window. I instantly recognized that it was my cousin.

Yes, that favorite brother, the one whom I loved so much. At first I shouted but then, I just froze. It was like someone had sucked all the blood out of my body. There I was, completely lifeless.

It took me at least 15 minutes to regain my consciousness and to think about what had happened. I came out of the bathroom and even though I had the most understanding and supporting family, I just couldn’t tell them what had happened.

He apologized saying that it was just a mistake. But could it really be just a mistake?

The thing that bothers me the most is that he was like this the whole time. I was living with a monster, I loved a monster without even realizing that he could have hurt me even more, physically or mentally.

The truth finally came out after 8 long years. It’s a long time right? Yes, I lived with this horror for all those years, faced him every time that I came home. He would even come for raksha bandhan with his head held high. And I would always think, "How will you of all people protect me? You don’t even deserve this!" But I never said anything.

I don’t know why I had become so weak. But, when I came to know that he did something far worse to his own sister, I spoke up for the first time.

I couldn’t stay quiet any longer. My parents lost that person who was "Just like a son" to them. But I felt relaxed. I finally felt free and strong.

After everything that I’ve been through, I just want to tell people that no one should ever do what I did. Never stay quiet and take such a long time to expose someone who is hurting you, in any way. Don't be afraid of such creeps. They are the weakest people on earth. Don't let them ruin your or someone else’s beautiful childhood.

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