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I Caught Him Cheating On Me But I Am Marrying Him Anyway

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I would start my story from where I was left heartbroken from my first love affair. It went on for six long years but the boy cheated on me. He had two other girlfriends but claimed to be in love with me.

I was all alone when I met the person who is now my everything. For him I am his world and he can't stay away from me for even for a day.

He had joined the same office as me. One day I got a call from an unknown number saying, “I don’t have a gate pass, could you please come and get me?” I went down and saw him waiting, I let him in and that’s when it started talking.

Then slowly we became friends or I can say best buddies. We did everything together, we roamed around in hours for hours talking. We went to the temple together, had dinner, I went to his dorm to watch movies together.

We slowly started sharing our deep secrets and I was surprised to learn that the person who looked so happy had gone through so much in his life.

I really started caring for him and our bond became stronger. What we both hadn’t realized was that we had fallen for each other.

He always used to tease me about my figure, saying things like you are so sexy I want to have sex with you and this is what I didn’t like about him. I don’t know how it all happen, I was in his room and suddenly he hugged me tightly and started kissing me so passionately that I couldn't control.

He said to me, ‘ab tum hi ho.’

I was the first girl he had got intimate with. After that, his behavior towards me changed completely, he became so caring. We were happy with each other.

Till one day my ex called me again and asked for a meeting. I said no and told my boyfriend everything. He told me to go meet him, he said that he trust me.

When I went, my ex started apologizing for his mistakes and proposed to me. I came to back to my city only to find out that while I was gone my boyfriend cried because he was missing me.

We started living together. With each passing day our bond became stronger.. He introduced me to his family after two years of our relation. I went to his hometown as his parents called me over there and stayed with them for 5 days. His parents loved me like daughter.

Everything was going fine till one day I was putting an alarm on his phone and saw a message from another girl. He was having an affair. Everything stopped for me.

He woke up and saw me crying, he started consoling me and saying that girl meant nothing to him. She was merely timepass.

He just couldn’t see me cry and right in front me he called the other girl and told her that he is dating me and that he can’t message her anymore.

I cried for a month and he consoled me every single day, asking me to trust him.

One day I got a call from that girl and she said that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like him in my life. That even when they were having an affair, he only spoke about me.

Now, we are happy with each other and soon we are going to get married.

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