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I Am Happily Married And I Have A Secret That Nobody Knows Of

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I am writing to confess my secret. I am happily married from the past 8 years. I am going to reveal a secret which, I have never shared with anyone before.

I am married to Vishesh and initially I was very happy. It was a love marriage and I was faithful to him. I shifted to a metro city after my marriage as Vishesh belongs to this city. We were loyal to each other. One day I got a message from one of my old colleagues to accept his friend request on a social website. I ignored it as I always do for everyone. Moreover, we never interacted with each other even while working together in same office so I had no reason to treat him otherwise. After a few days, I got a message from the same guy offering a coffee date, and I was ready to answer with a no.

Then he gently requested and said, "hey, are you afraid that you will fall in love with me?” I laughed and agreed to meet him for a coffee as I liked his sense of humor.

One evening, I met him. We spoke about all our old friends, and all matters related to my previous office. Everything was normal. I then accepted his friend request on social media. We started liking each other’s posts, pics and statuses. Now, we were well connected. After a few weeks, I received a message on a social media messenger. It was just a normal hi, hello. Then we exchanged our numbers. However, we did not text each other for a month or two. One morning, I received his message and I replied. That is how we started chatting. He seemed decent during our conversation but this tone had a little flirty touch, which was an alluring aspect for me. We conversed regularly. Everything was going normally, until I came to know that he was attracted to me. It was on a weekend when he told me about his feelings. It was not a new thing for me. Rather, not new for any woman. Being a female, I have been facing such instances in life. Normally, I take quick decisions and end such a friendship or relationship by ignoring it silently.

However, I find it difficult this time.

Although, everything is going good between me and my husband, we love and care for each other, Vishesh is really important to me, I am not ignoring Rohan as well. Maybe I am attracted towards him but my love and respect for Vishesh is the same as usual. Rohan is well aware that I am married. He always tried to maintain the gap but at the same time he showcased his feelings as well. I wanted to ignore him but I am unable to do it. We're still talking to each other and planning to meet again. My story is yet to finish.

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