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He Used To Threaten Me That If A Single Tear Poured Down My Cheek, He Would Do This Every Day

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*For representational purpose only.

I was in 2nd standard when all of it started. There was a family living next to our door and both the families were on good terms. They had a son and I used to call him bhai (brother) as he was 4 years elder to me.

Whenever mum went to market, she used to leave me at their place as my own brother couldn’t take my responsibility. On one such day, that bhai told me that we should play a game as no one was at home. It was just me and him. I, being a kid, readily agreed. We started playing and he said that he would catch me so I will have to run. As I started running, within a few minutes, he caught me and started taking down my pants.

I felt wrong and tried to escape but he grabbed me tight saying it was just a part of the game.

It wouldn't hurt. He caught my hands together by his one hand and the other was touching my private parts. I felt the worst and I didn't know what to do. After some time, aunty came back home and he told me to put my pants back again.

This went on for almost two and a half year.  He used to tie my hands and even beat me covering my mouth so that I don't scream. He even threatened me a lot. Though he never did the main thing, it still used to hurt a lot. Once he took me on the bed and removed all my clothes. He made me stand and tied my hands. He started pressing my thing really hard and threatened me that even if a single tear poured down my cheek, he would do this every day.

So I would just hold my tears and from that day onwards, I learnt how not to let tears fall.

I never had the guts to say it to my family as dad would blame mom for it and they would end up fighting. After few days, mom told me that they were shifting which meant I would never see him again. I was really happy after a long time. But fate had a different choice for me.

When I was in 6th standard, my mom took me to their home. I tried to avoid him but he said that he would take me to the park. I said no but aunty insisted and so we had to go. I was on the swing when he came towards me and asked me to stand up. He then sat on the swing and took me into his lap. I still thought that it was okay and he might not remember anything from the past.

But then, he took me to some lonely place where not a single person was around. He started talking and told me all about his biology session.

He suddenly put his hands under my top and grabbed my breasts. I felt miserable and shouted my heart out but he didn't leave. Somehow, I managed to escape and ran back home. After that I never again saw him in my life, nor did I mention this to anyone.

I only have a single request from all the parents in this world.

Never ever let this happen to your child. NEVER!

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