He Took Revenge Because I Refused To Sleep With Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 18 August, 2017

I'm stronger than ever before because I don't expect anything from anyone. And it's because of him, my senior, and the way I found love through Facebook.

He was an amazing person. I must say, an ideal boyfriend. We loved each other and I believed that I found the love of my life. There were fights, misunderstandings, but eventually, it all ended with love. Soon he started seeking physical pleasure which I didn't succumb to.

He fooled me first by taking me to a resort, saying that it was an office sponsored trip to relax. He forced me to get in the cab. Eventually, we had an argument in our room and he started crying. I stayed strong on my ground not to let anything happen.

Finally, I broke up when he asked me to come again to the resort. I knew that it was not safe for me to risk it. He turned the whole break-up issue against me because he knew I would not tell anyone the reason for the break-up, and everyone still thinks he is not at fault. He created an issue with my parents and asked them to return the money he spent on me. He threatened me to come back to him, or he would tell my parents that I went with him to the resort.

He posted our pictures together on his Facebook profile and made sure everyone knew about us. He made it seem like everything was my fault.

During all this, none of my friends supported me. They didn't even bother to talk to me. This has changed me as a person. Now I don't trust anyone except myself. And I don't seek support from anyone. Thankfully my parents didn't give up on me.

Author's Note:

He still wants to take revenge. My revenge is forgiving you. I let go of my hurt today. And I am setting myself free. Hope you realize your mistake.

Editor's Note:

Make sure you share this story because men have to know that this kind of coercion is a crime.