He Told Me The Only Thing That Could Destroy My Faith In Love Forever

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 9 October, 2017

I’m 28 years old, average looking, with a slim figure. Since I was a child, I was always fascinated with books and spent my entire teenage life reading romantic novels. I guess that’s also how I’ve ended up as a die-hard romantic- one who always believes in happy endings.

And that’s why, when I met this guy, four years ago, when we bonded well, spoke to each other and eventually began calling each other and talking for hours, I fell in love immediately.

I looked at the world through rose-tinted glasses. He was the center of my existence and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way; he was my Prince Charming.

Things were going well, until two years into our relationship, he began getting possessive and would fight about almost anything that he could. Finally, after a really bad fight, we decided to end things. Naturally, I was devastated, but I consoled myself thinking that it’s probably our opposing nature that caused this vast difference between us. We went ahead with our lives, I missed him every single day, but we decided that it was probably for the best that we kept our distance.

The nights, they were terrible; I couldn’t stop thinking about him, as I tossed and turned in my bed. I thought about him, wondering if he was also hurting as much as I was. I had a pain inside of me, an unimaginable one that hurt more than anything I had ever experienced in my life.

So, one day, in vain, I called him. His phone was busy for over an hour. I tried to make peace with this, tell myself that he was probably busy, but somewhere, I had an inkling that something was wrong.

Immediately, I left to go to his house. I had to talk to him, face to face. What he said to me, broke me into a million pieces. He told me that he never loved me, that he had used me only to climb this promotional ladder at work. I was his senior, and he knew that I would always favour him when it came to any and all of the corporate benefits.

After that, he even told me how he was lucky, that I was beautiful, and came with a body that he could tolerate. I slapped him. My Prince Charming… I left his house, with my shattered heart in my hands; convinced that I'll never fall in love again.

My father is searching diligently for a suitor, but I have no intention of finding or marrying someone. Days will silently change into months, but I’ll never forget this utter betrayal and will always miss him.


Editor's Note:

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