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He Repeatedly Raped Her And She Didn't Know That It Was Abnormal

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It all started from a regular get together of friends. He was a friend of her friend, and she met him for the first time on their University campus. He was tall, athletic, dark and obviously, very charming. She didn’t fall for him in the first meeting, and then eventually they just became friends and started chatting casually. They would talk for hours on the phone and then the meetings started. She was studying in a different town, so they met every time she visited her hometown. Then one day, he proposed to her and she could not say no because she could not find a reason to refuse him. The best part was that he had a good height and she always wanted to be with a taller guy as she herself was quite tall. The news of their alliance was abuzz in their friend circle and everybody started hating her. She had no idea what she had done to them, and how she became a bad, characterless girl with a bubbly, innocent face. Despite everything, she was happy that she had a guy to call her own, who is caring and tall. She started dreaming of getting married to him as she knew that her parents won't deny him even if it would be an inter-caste marriage.

They would go shopping and she would spend all her pocket money and hard-earned tuition money on him. She never noticed that he never spent a penny on her.

One day, he told her that he had spoken to his mom about her, and she was okay with their relationship. He had apparently shown her pictures too, and she really liked the girl. The girl was very happy and hopeful. They planned to go on a trip with their friends.

The guy asked her to stay in the same room as him, and she happily agreed. She thought that they would talk the entire night, laugh and cuddle. She didn’t know what she was getting into.

They were talking and laughing, and suddenly he kissed her. She was a bit surprised and shy at first, but also excited. They kissed and kissed, but then he started touching her body parts aggressively. She got scared and asked him to leave. He stopped for a while and then hugged her.

She thought it was okay and decided to let it go because maybe he just had an overflow of emotions and couldn’t help himself.

But he started again and this time he did not stop. She was crying out of pain, but he did not stop. She slept crying and the next morning, he apologized to her for whatever happened.

She didn’t know what to say. She was numb. But she was afraid that she might lose him if she reacts now.

If he was genuinely being sorry then it would not happen again. She was wrong, it never stopped. The time when she told him to stop all this, he stopped calling her or picking her calls. She was afraid of losing him and being alone.

She thought that maybe this is how relationship works, and that you need to keep the person happy no matter what. But she forgot that he is not doing anything to make her happy.

I will not say that the guy was a beast, but the girl was definitely wrong because she let him tear her body down every time. She was wrong because she hoped that someone like him will be protecting her from every bad person out there. But maybe her fault was only that she didn’t know how relationships work. She is married to guy now and she told him everything about her past. It has been four years since, and they are the happiest couple. They argue every day on small things like a wet towel on the bed, but he never mentioned her past in any of their small or big fights.

And yes, her Beast of an ex calls the girl in every 4-5 months to apologize, because he ended up with the kind of wife which he deserves.

Getting physical is not a big deal these days in a relationship but it must be with the consent of both the sides.

Intimacy should not turn into something which kills you every time it happens.

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