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He Has Forgotten How To Love Because People Like You Call It "An Accident"

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*For representational purpose only.

To all the cheaters out there, this one is for you.

Cheating is never a mistake. It’s not something that happens “by accident”. Cheating is inhuman. It’s barbaric and it physically and emotionally destroys countless souls. Your coward behavior, it breaks your partner into a thousand pieces.

For the one who cheats, it gets passed off as a “one-time incident”. But for the victim, it’s the hardest part of their lives that they have to face. Instead of true love, cheaters give their partners, lessons. Love is a game for cheaters, but these victims, they lose all their faith in love after this.

A very close friend of mine has forgotten what it’s like to love someone. Because he saw the dark side of love and he’s afraid that he’s not the same person again. He is afraid that every person that he meets, or even remotely is interested in, is going to be a cheater and break his heart. He is afraid that everyone around him will do this to him. And he hates himself because of how he trusted her.

She won’t know how much pain she has inflicted upon him, and he won’t let her find out.
Every single day, he waits for her to come back to him. He hasn’t even told our friends about what she’s done to him, just me. And he made me swear not to tell them either. But she wouldn’t stay quiet after their breakup.

She humiliated him, whenever she could. Misbehaved with him and created a scene whenever she could. Her words, her behaviour, it broke him even more.
Some people say that karma exists, but it’s difficult for me to believe in things like this right now.
I want him to get back at her somehow, I don’t even know how… but it’s horrible that she got away with hurting someone like this.

I have a request, to all the cheaters out there. The ones who aren’t sure about how to behave with their partners when things get rocky or tough. It’s simple: don’t cheat. Talk to them, discuss your issues. Because cheating is not the answer. Real men and women, they don’t cheat.



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