He Cheated On His Girlfriend With Me And Karma Served Him With Heartbreak

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 30 April, 2018

It was on a busy day that I first saw him, on a crowded train. That was the moment my heart skipped a beat, I fell in love with him. Yes, it was love at first sight. From then, he never left me alone. He was on my mind, my thoughts and even my dreams. I tried to control my emotions, but I couldn't. After 2 weeks again I saw him on the train. We stared at each other and slowly started talking. We became friends then, close friends. He had a job and is seven years elder than me. I had just joined my undergrad around that time.

I knew that what was happening with me may not be correct at that age but then I felt that probably we were destined to meet.

We got closer each day and even closer when we found out that we both belong to the same community and caste. I became emotionally dependent on him. I was smitten with him and his smile. We were so happy making memories and sharing happy moments that I got lost in my innocence and didn’t realize the truth behind it all. It was a relationship built on lies. A few days later, when I confessed my love to him, he didn’t reject me but neither did he accept my proposal. I thought that maybe he requires time because I am quite young. I assumed he was happy with me too, but I guess only I was happy in that relationship, busy imagining my future with him. We became physically close too. Physically, emotionally, I was so much into him and his love, in all possible ways. Here came the tragedy. One fine day, he told me the truth. He is committed to someone since three years, and he is in a long-distance relationship with her. I was completely shattered upon hearing this.

I felt broken and shattered. I was cheated on. He broke my heart in pieces and it can never be whole again.

The one thing that hurts me the most, what did he gain by doing this to me? I have no answer. I know that karma doesn’t leave anyone, and it made an appearance here as well. His lover cheated on him. What happened to me, happened to him as well. Again, me being the innocent me, instead of being happy I was upset that I could not get his love. It costs you everything to lose the one person that you love. No matter what, no matter how much you try, first love is something that we can never forget and move on. It is a reality which we must accept and carry throughout our lives. Even though he hurt me the most and broke my spirit, I still love him and I always will. I hate myself for loving him even now but I have no choice.

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