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He Cheated On His Four Year Relationship To Be With Me And Now He Is Cheating On Me

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I have been following this page for a very long time. I come here to read stories of people regularly.

Every time I read a story of girls being cheated on by their lovers or husbands, I always prayed silently that this should never happen to me. I was confident about it, but I just realized that I was blind all this while.

I am in a relationship with a guy from the same project I am working on. It has been going on for four years. He is one year younger to me, and I am fighting with my parents to get me married to him. I have blind faith in him, so much so that I believe he is my whole world. From day to dawn, we are together. We are living in the same house, assigned to the same project, away from our own country. He is the only one on my mind throughout the day. I take care of his basic needs and wants, what he would like to eat etc. I used to think that I am his only priority and thought, too.

We fight but he is always the first one to make it up to me and I get convinced very easily.

Today my thoughts about him have completely changed, because he was hiding a message from a girl, from me. She is also working on the same project but on a different domain. It could be a normal chat only, but it was not on our usual messengers, that we both have in common. I’m not a narrow-minded person but when I found it, he never said to her that he has a girlfriend or that we are together. He is planning to meet her on his upcoming vacation when he returns to our country. I am now reminded of how things began with us, he had approached me the same way. My dad is not talking to me for years now, ever since I told him about my relationship. Despite all the ills, I always chose to be with him.

When I fell for him, he left a 4-year-long relationship for me. Now I feel very insecure thinking that one day he might leave me as well.

I made a big fuss out of it, and he begged me to stay back. I forgave him but the thought of being betrayed kills me inside. I cannot let go of him as there is no life for me beyond him. I have decided to live with it, but things aren’t the same as before. Maybe I need time, so I hope we get back to normal soon.

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