He Brought Me Home With ‘Love’ And Now He Shares It With Someone Else

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 10 June, 2017

It's some four years to the marriage proposal received from a colleague who now is my husband. He was smart, caring and understanding, leaving no room for rejection. Our courtship period wasn’t quite satisfying, given the huge financial differences between our families and clear demands from my mother-in-law.

But as they say, love sees nothing and I couldn’t convince myself to say ‘NO’, which I regret till date. Perhaps a decent ‘NO’ could have saved me from my current messed up life.

Post marriage I made all possible efforts to adjust in the new setting, managing home and working parallely. I was the best in the three daughters-in-law spread across various cities. A year and a half to our marriage and I conceived. Much to my amazement, my mother-in-law wasn’t happy with it for obvious reasons of financial deficits. Luck being on her side, I underwent induced abortion as the child was diagnosed with genetic disorder.


This incident had crushed me to bits as I desperately wanted a kid. A few months down the line I conceived for the second time. My joy knew no bounds as I anxiously waited for the little member to come out. However, my happiness was short-lived and I found my husband sleeping with another woman. Speechless, I tried ending my life but the thought of that little life breathing within held me back.

This incident didn’t stop there, I found him hanging around with the lady several times, each time on a new excuse and lame promises of never meeting her again.

Seeking refuge in my mother-in-law I told her everything, only to get slammed and questioned whether my inability to keep her son happy had led him to dating outside of marriage. I stared at her in astonishment; wasn’t I pregnant and needed love and care? Though I uttered the truth, the somewhat happy equation between us changed. 

Despite all the frustration impacting my pregnancy I had a premature delivery, giving birth to a baby boy. I was hopeful that the new soul would mend things in my family but as always I was let down yet again. My mother-in-law grumbled on staying in the hospital without an air conditioner and facts that she couldn’t stay awake to take care of the child.

Her behavior towards me and my child remains sour till date as if it was me who had enjoyed an extramarital affair. 

I’m clueless on what my next step should be like. And, though I wish to leave him, it’s the lack of support from my family and me being jobless and at his mercy that held me back from taking the leap. Several questions cloud me on whether he still has an affair, would my family come to my rescue, considering that it was me who had accepted this alliance etc.

I feel helpless with the only ray of hope being my son.