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He Asked Me To Marry Him To Get Me To Do This: I Still Don't Believe I Fell For It

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Being a very ambitious woman, my time is very precious to me. I usually work 12 hours a day, sometimes 17, and whatever little time and energy is left, I spend it with my family and people who are very important to me.

That’s probably why I am so cautious while investing my time on people, and maybe that’s why I gave in to someone I knew for 5 years. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Mr. Fart (let’s call him that) was one of those who were scarily perfect. We met at my first job together. Looks, height, life, job, voice, you name it he got it. Except for one thing. His eyes. Not that he was cross-eyed, but just that they appeared dead; or maybe that they masked his demons. Also, he was a big time player, and that is why I never gave in to his charm, because for me, all those perfections he had were no bonus if he was a big demon on the inside.

So, Mr. Fart chased me for 5 years after I quit that job, but I never even tried to meet him knowing his evil intentions. Then one fated afternoon, we bumped into each other, and he asked me for coffee. Call it my sheer stupidity or loneliness that I agreed to it.

That coffee was so pleasant that I agreed to meet him again for drinks, and we know how things went from there. I was very clear about wanting nothing from him; I was 27 and was quite clear in my head about not wanting to go ahead with him.

But then one evening, when we were together, he opened up to me about his dead father, and that he was tired of fooling around with women and wished to settle down. He also begged to give it a shot together. Going against my instincts, I said yes.

Just a month post that we decided to go on a trip together where we were to be joined by two of his friends, a guy and a girl. I was okay thinking the other two may have been a couple. But, that absolutely was not the case as I saw the girl snuggling to him.

Well, skipping some details, he had me and that girl in the same bed (at different times of course) on the same day! The audacity of bringing in two girls you were physically intimate with on the same trip? Either you’re fearless or clearly stupid.

He even had the audacity of touching the girl everywhere under the sheets thinking I was drunk and wouldn’t notice anything. I finally saw both of them in bed right in front of my eyes.

Next morning, I packed my bags, took a cab, hugged him, said "Thank You" and left. I didn’t wait for an explanation; he didn’t deserve a reaction from me.

Well, days later, the other woman called me and I found out what actually happened. He had promised to marry her! Another two days, we found out, he was actually in a relationship with a widow, 7 years elder to him with two kids, and they were together since 5 years! And then he was also going out with two more women (that we know of) all at the same time!

I can’t even begin to explain how messed up that situation was. Just that I never confronted him because I ended everything the day I left in a cab.

That is when I lost all my hurt knowing he was just a player. I just felt bad because I had clearly told him I didn’t want to marry him. Despite that he thought it was a great idea to use his dead dad as an excuse to make me trust him and think about marrying him.

Second thing that I regret is that even though I’m over him, I am slightly paranoid. Seeing the guy you’re with cheating on you right in front of your eyes is not a sight that leaves you easily.

It scares me when it comes to being with somebody and obviously, that’s why I’ve been single ever since.

I want to forgive him inside my heart, but I haven’t been able to. I am slightly bitter inside. I don’t know when I’d heal but I hope it’s soon. And for you, you Ugly Fart, I hope you have a daughter and you spend the rest of your life fearing if she met a douche-bag like yourself.

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