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Everything Is Perfect Between Us Except Sex

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I have been married for the last 8 years but now it feels like it's been more than 30 years. We are a perfect couple from the outside.

We travel a lot, we explore new things, we are a made-for-each-other type of couple. It was a love marriage. My husband take cares of all my things, he is very caring, I get everything I want. But the problem is the absence of intimacy between us, which is really killing me inside.

We are totally opposite in nature. I am bubbly, happy-go-lucky kind of girl and my husband is very introvert. But opposites attract each other, right?

Problem gradually started some one year ago. Each time I initiated, which I have no problem doing But for the last one year he has lost interest in sex. He doesn't cuddle me, we don't kiss anymore. Every time it's only me who initiates and now it's been many times that he has rejected me bluntly.

I asked him many times if there is a problem, but he always changes the topic. It always feels like I'm nagging him if I want to share my feelings with him. I feel intimacy is a very important part of a married life.

Because of many rejections, I feel humiliated now. Otherwise he is great husband and a good friend. We both get two days off. Earlier we made love once a week and that too if I initiated.

He is not having an extra marital affair I know that. But he has lost interest in sex, completely. I googled my problem and I was surprised to find out that there are so many ladies like me out there.

Is having sex once a week too much to ask for? Is it okay if when my husband wants to have it, he can get it but if a wife asks for it, it is not acceptable?

Trust, care, friendliness, everything is there. We live like good roommates but that's it. Moreover, he does not want to go to any counselor. Gradually I am suppressing my feelings because now I understand that talking about it is no good. 

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