Dear First Love, One Woman Could Have Satisfied You If You Weren't So Greedy

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 24 March, 2018

This story is about the man I loved from the bottom of my heart. He was my first love whom I want to forget.

I want to erase all the memories of the moments we had together but I’m unable to do it.

When he proposed to me, he said he loved me and I replied with our first kiss. This fairy tale kind of a love story lasted for almost a year. But things soon began to change because he was always scared of the commitment of marriage.

He did love me; I could see it in his eyes yet he chose to part ways.

He always said, "Bahut royegi tu" because he always knew his actual intentions while I was young, dumb and blindly in love. Ultimately, he got married to a girl of his parents’ choice. He said that he did it for his parents but I believe it was his own will.

I don’t believe in pushing people to stay, so I let him go.

Then he shifted to another country for work. He had an affair with a foreigner who was in love with him. She got pregnant and gave birth to a boy without marrying him. He told her that he was married but he couldn’t have babies with his wife.

I don’t know the real intentions behind his decisions but I can see that he has always used women.

He has hurt the feelings of all three of us. I’m not in touch with the other two women nor do I want to contact them because it will mess up his present life. However, if he is reading this, I just want to tell him that one woman can satisfy all your needs if you are a real man.

You have lost the person who cares for you and loves you unconditionally because of the greed of having more in your life.

Women are also human; we are not objects. It really hurts when someone close to you treats you in this manner.

Baby, you are playing with real people.

I hope you understand this sooner than later. Respect the women who have sacrificed for you. I’m glad I’m out of your life.

Editor's Note:

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