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Call Me Crazy, But I'll Be The Other Woman If It Means I Get Him

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Dear Mango,

You know what? You need to get somethings straight in your life.

First of all, I’m NOT fond of hearing about your past adventures; whether they’re fact or fiction. They may be one of a kind, but you need to get it through your skull once and for all that I don’t like to hear your stories with other women or when you become the other man.

I’m YOUR woman and they are the other women. It’s supposed to be this way and it better not be any other way.

Secondly, what I’ve mentioned above isn’t because I’m forever jealous or a sociopath who demands social seclusion from you. It’s because I love you deeply and I can’t stand the thought of your romantic involvement with anyone else but me.

Thirdly, I might seem to be an attention seeking puppy to you, quite often, but you know that this isn’t something that happened overnight.

I chose to be with you because you gave me the attention I required when I needed it; be it in the form of those small tokens of appreciation that I used to get from you when you’re trying to woo me or when you give me those unforgivably cute looks when I’m mad at you.

I would be grateful if you continue to be the same man that you were and not turn into an egotistical and narcissistic ass.

Fourthly, stop taking advantage of the fact that I can’t stay mad at you for too long, even if you’re at fault. Sometimes, I end the fight only because I’ve begun finding not talking to you is too uncomfortable for me.

Solution? Pamper me immediately. When you know you’re at fault, rather than prioritizing your sleep and letting me call you or text you the very next morning reprimanding you for not wishing me good night.

And finally, don’t tell me things like “it’s not working out” for almost everything! Sometimes even I know that you’re just kidding but it freaks me out and sends me into an overdrive of overthinking.

I know that distance makes things difficult for us, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying.

You used to call me “Superwoman”, you know why that was, right? It’s because we are strong. Because you know that we’re going to win, with all the odds against us.

And of course, the “it’s not you, it’s me”, that is never going to work with me. If I’ve made a mistake, the decision to handle this lies in your hands, and vice versa.

We chose each other for a reason: no longer is it “not me or not you”, it’s Us now. And every inch of me is madly in love with the idea of you and your presence in my life. Because we’re not just another couple. We are two people who need someone and that someone is each other.

On a serious note, we may or may not be with each other, but I want us to build each other towards the best versions of ourselves that we can.

I love you.

Yours always, Mishra Ji.


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