And When I Asked Him Why He Met Other Girls He Said: "Don't Try To Control My Life!"

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 28 August, 2018

I had been with my partner for more than 11 months when this happened. One fine day I just opened my Gmail. I was surprised to see that my ex had not logged out of his Gmail. He had borrowed my phone and had been using it for the whole of last month because his phone had been giving him problems recently.

I had just woken up. I had nothing else to do so I started scrolling through it just for fun. Suddenly I came across a mail which stated that an OYO room had been booked for a few days.
I was shocked when I came across this mail because I knew he had definitely not been with me at that time. He had not even discussed the booking with me till now.

I didn’t want to assume the wrong things about him. So I thought that perhaps he had made the booking for his friends. But I started having my own doubts about it now so in order to sort out the matter I called him up and asked him to meet me immediately. He did come and when I started questioning him about it he told me that he had made the booking for his friend.

I wanted to believe him because I did not want to ruin the relationship that we shared at any cost.

But I wanted to double check things in front of him. So I called customer care to confirm if the booking had been made in his name. But he managed to manipulate me and even fooled me into handing over the call to him. He spoke to the customer care representative and ended the call after that.

He then told me that I should start trusting him. I was blindly in love with him so I wanted to believe him badly. I blamed myself for not trusting him completely.

After a few days, we had our semester exams. I ended up irritating him a lot in the library. So he was very annoyed and angry with me. He stopped talking to me. I texted him late at night that day and told him that I was sorry for irritating him so much.

He did see my message but did not reply to it.

So I posted a message on his Facebook timeline and told him I was sorry for irritating him.

A few minutes later a girl commented on it and asked me to stay away from him. She asked me not to disturb him.

I knew the girl. She was my senior in college. He had always told me that she was like a sister to him. So I did not take her words very seriously. I told her I was sorry about the whole thing. But she kept commenting continuously. She asked me to leave him and started abusing me too. I didn’t feel comfortable commenting on his Facebook timeline. So I texted her on Messenger and asked her to discuss the matter with me over here.

I asked her who she was and why she was getting so disturbed by my comments. She told me that she was his girlfriend. I was shocked to see that text.

I told her that he had always told me that he treated her like his sister because she was older than him. I wondered how she could be his girlfriend. But she insisted that she was his girlfriend. She said she could even prove this to me if I wanted to. I asked her to do so. So she sent me several screenshots in which she had chatted with him. I was completely shocked when I saw this.

I asked her if she knew about me. She said she knew everything about our relationship.

She said that she knew that both of us had been together for almost one year now. I was shocked when she told me all this. Then suddenly she said that he had even booked an OYO room and they had even had sex there. She then said, “He is mine!” I asked her when she had done this. She said, “4th or 5th November.” I now knew that she was saying the truth. He had made that booking so that both of them could be together. That was the mail that I had come across that morning.

I realized that he had lied to me. I was determined to get a confession out of him. I wanted to end my relationship with him because I couldn’t accept the fact that he had been cheating on me.

I called him. But his girlfriend had already called him up and told him the entire thing. He stopped accepting my calls. I then called him about 20 times. He did pick up the phone after that. I asked him to meet me immediately. He refused to meet me. He said, “I know you and Parul have had a talk. I don’t want to see your face now.” I said, “If you don’t come to meet me you will have to pay for it.” Finally, he did come to meet me. I asked him several questions but he didn’t have an answer for any of my questions. I slapped him once. I then slapped him again. But he just sat there with a glum face and looked downwards.

I started slapping him continuously now and then finally burst into tears. I cried on that day like I had never cried before. He started feeling guilty and promised me that he would never do this to me again. He said he would always be loyal to me.

I wanted to give him a second chance because I really loved him. But he continued doing the same thing again. After a few months, I saw that he had made another booking from his Gmail account.

He now had a different excuse for every booking that he made.

I don’t know why I believed him every time. Maybe it was because I didn’t want to lose him.

But he had got into the habit of going out with different girls at different times. I did my best to make him happy. I gave him everything before he could even ask me for anything.  I wanted to help him end his habit.

But he continued with it. One fine day I finally said, “Either you leave this habit of yours or leave me.” He just said, “Sneha, You control my life. So get out of my life now. I am totally fed up with you."

I could not believe my ears. I wondered if he had really said what I had heard.

I was trying to help him overcome his habit because I knew he would get no respect from anyone in the future if he continued to go out with other girls. I knew that his friends and other people often made fun of him because he went out with different girls. But here he was asking me to get out of his life.

I said, “I am sorry if I said something wrong to you.” I was crying. I didn’t want him to leave me. But he didn’t listen to me. He just went away from my life and never came back again. He is still the same. He goes out with a new girl every day. Even today I wonder how we managed to remain together for 1 year and 4 months.

Editor's Note:

Maybe it takes us years and several bitter experiences to master the art of gauging the true worth of a person. But some people simply don’t deserve our decency. Let’s consciously avoid associating with folks who drain us of our positive energy. Let’s learn to pick and choose our friends/relationships with a lot of care. Think. Don’t we owe this to ourselves? Do share this story because often we have to beat some good old common sense into our sensitive hearts.