A Lesbian And A Bisexual Did This To Me But I Felt Like I Was Raped

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 26 July, 2018

I am from the South and one of my good friends who was working in Delhi, had to come down for a wedding, so he came along with two of his girl friends and they stayed with me in my 1 BHK flat for a weekend. My friend is a playboy since school days and has had many affairs. We would talk frequently, and he told me that he had sex with one of the girls who was accompanying him for the wedding. After the wedding, I took them around the city. Later in the evening, we decided to have drinks at home, and we were all fully drunk. Those girls were high and started pulling my leg and teasing me. One of them even asked me to date her. I was an introvert, but I am fairly good looking. People close to me would even say that I am cute. So my friend took their side and started to tease me, we all had a good time. Since I had only one bed, which was a queen size.

We all decided to sleep together, no one bothered much as we all were totally drunk.

At midnight I woke up to some sounds. I gathered some sense only to find out that someone was making out, I thought it was my friend and his girl. I felt a hand trying to reach my pants, they would have seen me watching them, so I got up and went out to sleep on the couch. The next morning, my friend woke me up and said he had some work and would be back around afternoon and went out. Because my friend woke me up early I felt dizzy and had a headache. I went to use the loo, it was an attached bath in the bedroom. Once I came out, she asked me to sleep beside them, as there was room for me. At first, I was hesitant but then obliged. She was talking to me and started teasing me again. As it was morning time, she sensed the bulge in my shorts and laughed. She asked me if I got turned on by seeing her and I said, “why not, you are sexy”. Then she touched my dick and said that indeed I was hard. She started stroking me, I started feeling her body up and kissing her, I ejaculated after some time and slept off. It was like a dream, sleeping between two gorgeous girls.

I woke up to these girls sitting on me and playfully tying my hands to the bed. I asked them, “why are you doing this?” “We don't want to have sex with you”, they laughed and said, “you will enjoy this more”.

I was going with the flow and was enjoying their actions, they started stroking me again. One girl came on top of my face and put her pussy on my mouth, and asked me to lick her and the other was licking my dick and stroking it, I ejaculated. They didn’t stop there and were continuing with their actions, I felt suffocated. By now I was literally pleading them to stop and untie me. I had one more, they did it again and again for seven to ten times. I was not enjoying it any more, during ejaculation there was no semen at all, I was totally exhausted. One girl said, now you will like this the most and slowly inserted her finger in my asshole, I didn’t know what they were doing, I was trying to scare them with my looks and harsh words so that they would untie me and leave me, but they were not listening to me and instead they were laughing.

She continued and said, “tell me when you like it”, and started fingering me in my asshole.

She was stimulating my prostate gland, and the other girl was keenly watching my dick which was soft, it was a different feeling as if I was on the edge of ejaculating, but it was not the case. She kept on doing it and to my wonder, though my dick was soft, semen was oozing out in lumps and it was a pleasurable feeling. Then I was in shock with the words she uttered, she asked me how many men entered inside me, as my asshole was still tight. I was puzzled by her questions, I said that I am straight. It seems my friend told them I was gay as I couldn't flirt with girls properly and didn’t have affairs. And the other shock was that these two girls were lesbians and one of them was bisexual, so she used to have sex with my friend.

Last night it was these two girls who were having sex, and when they saw me watch them, they tried to seduce me. But I went out to sleep on the couch, so this made them believe I was gay.

I took my bath, my friend arrived and we all went out for lunch, I told him everything that had happened, on how I was treated and was angry at him. He told me that it’s one type of sex called BDSM. I asked him not to do this to me again. That evening, they left my place to go back to Delhi. I felt bad and disgusted, as I was literally raped by these girls though I did not have an intercourse with them, they humiliated me. He is still my good friend and still teases me about the incident as I was not able to enjoy it.

To be honest, I feel sex has to be done out of love, not to satisfy carnal pleasures.

People may think, how can a man be raped or they might even think that they wish they could be in my place. But trust me, once you feel humiliated, it’s not worth it.

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