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The First Time I Saw My Child's Gaze, My Whole World Changed...

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*For representational purpose only.

The eternal sunshine of innocence Joy 
Of first-time motherhood 
I smile every time I think about the first time
I caught your gaze. 
You were hidden beneath the sheets, 
I touched and pulled you in. 
I never found a gaze as toxic as yours.

I knew right then that 
Never ever will I yield my life to grief. 
I've never laughed freely through our time. 
Just you and me hearing you tell stories 
As I'm caught in each one of these 
My path was strung with stones. 
In your voice, I found that peace. 

I often count the moments. 
While you lie there next to me 
Oh, my dear one There's no way that I won't cry. 
When I see you walking down to my arms 
Eternity rises beyond space and time. 
It's in your eyes. 
Wrapped in white to be my child.

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