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A Poem For The Woman We All Know

( words)
*For representational purpose only.

She is Strong & Fierce

She is Confident & Brave

As She is Beautiful & Witty

And carries herself with Grace.

She took the fall not once but several times,

Yet gets up back again.

She is one of the resilient kinds,

As Perfect as she seems to me, She does have flaws too.

She has been reprimanded by many but she surely won Accolades too.

Life hasn’t been kind to her, it hardly ever is to any,

But She still is kind to All & an Inspiration to Many.

She is a Fighter,

not the celebrated & popular types,

Her Battle is with her own demons,

her scars are her Victory Stripes.

She made it this far & further She will Go

She is not backing down, She will win, I Know!!

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