They May Be Pets To The Outside World, But To Us, They Are Our Children.

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I have been in a relationship with Gaurabh for more than ten years. Our story had many ups and downs. A few years after coming into a relationship, we started dominating each other, and that's when the misunderstanding began. Our thoughts were never mutual, and maybe that was the reason for the bitterness in our relationship. What we loved in common were 'dogs' and 'gyms.'

It was in the year 2020 when Oscar came into our lives.
One day, we were watching a movie with our puppy, and as soon as he saw a dog on the screen, he went and started licking the screen. That's when we realised that, like humans, he also needs someone similar. Someone who can understand him, and that's when Karma joined our family.

There is a perception about dogs that is quite common. Because of that, we couldn't understand the gestures and language of Oscar and Karma, so things were not working. Later, we realised that life is not about imposing your decisions on others; it is about letting people be who they are. Slowly, we realised the same and applied this principle to our lives.

?The Oscar is a prestigious award. Things started to become beautiful for us when puppy Oscar entered our lives. He is an award for us in the truest sense. That's when we named him Oscar.
Karma, on the other hand, belongs to the aggressive breed, people say. But my perception is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Initially, when Karma was there, I used to impose my decisions on him and want him to behave the way I wanted. He used to hate me for that, and that's when I saw that he was like, 'Karma.' After all, "As you sow, so shall you reap." That's how we named him Karma.

We started exploring things when both of them joined our family. Because of them, we went on road trips, which we had never taken before. I have explored so many things with my kids. I am the first woman in India to do the highest level of paragliding with a dog. One day, I pretended that I was drowning in water. Within seconds, Oscar and Karma came to save me. Since that day, whenever I am in danger, they come to me to ensure my safety. I was able to break the barriers because of Oscar and Karma. We want our kids to be strong.

We went on a solo trip, paragliding with them and doing many other adventurous activities to give them exposure to the world.
It's a very proud feeling to see Oscar and Karma regarded as social media stars. Our page is all about dog parenting. All the positive and negative realities are what we showcase. People messaged us to say that they were about to get a dog, but after going through our page, they knew that there were too many responsibilities for one to take on, so they decided to abandon their decision.

There is no such page that creates awareness about the reality of dog parenting and the challenges one has to go through. We used to love dogs earlier too, but our perception was different. When Oscar and Karma joined, they taught us so many new things. Now, we feed stray dogs, respect their space, and teach them whatever we can. We never started the page to make Oscar and Karma influencers.

But because we became dog parents for the first time, we wanted to share every aspect of that with everyone. It creates awareness about breeding practices. We want to make people aware of the boons and banes so they can be mindful while adopting a dog.

My message to every human being is to treat every living being with care and not for the sake of entertainment. People have now made animals a source of entertainment, but one should never forget that they are living beings like us and deserve the same respect and care.
Oscar and Karma are our "kids" and not "pets." We've always been with them like their parents and have never seen them as pets. Our relationship with Oscar and Karma is one without expectations. We share a bond of love, purity, and loyalty.

Initially, I was scared of stray dogs because I never tried to understand them. But, since Oscar and Karma came, my whole perspective towards dogs changed. Our kids (Oscar and Karma) taught us so many things without even speaking the language of love.

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