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I Found Hope In Writing In The Lowest Time Of My Life

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Many of us have our personal stories.

Stories that inspire us to look at our lives differently, and to grow to become mindfully vulnerable by not making the same mistakes over and again, are the stories that matter. 

During the lowest point of my life, I found hope in writing. It was precisely four years ago when I started my blog and named it 'Inspired by Cherisha'. I carefully selected this name because I wanted people to read my space and be filled with a positive takeaway each time I write here.

I had a massive hand injury and I had to leave my well-paid 9-5 day job to fully recuperate. That meant not having monthly credit earnings. It was nice for the next couple of months until my bank account showed me a negative.

Bills were piling up, and the only thought that I had was, ‘how did I let this happen?’ You see, I am a planner. I plan every single detail of my life, and that includes my financial aspect. When I realized that things were not going the right way, I panicked. I fell into confusion and constant breakdown. I once cried for the entire day and did not leave my room. Never had I thought this day would come where my life would fall irreversibly apart.

I soon remembered how much I cherish writing since I was a teenager. I used to write my thoughts in my diary and even won a writing competition in high school, let alone received 100% results in essay writing, and oh! I even got my articles published in my school magazine for two consecutive years.

I soon decided to bring back this habit of mine and started a blog! but my excitement was short-lived. 'Wait a minute Cherisha, how do you even start a blog?'

I had no prior experience in starting a blog or even the basic knowledge to build a website. Again, I felt helpless, but it was a kick-it-in motivation because I was done sitting around. I invested every day of my time understanding everything about blogging and how to create a blog, the rest I picked up along the journey. Everything was so new. It was as if I just walked into a new space of work without any guidance from anybody. Google was my only teacher. And the rest is history!

I am always grateful for the opportunities that have come my way as a result of my blogging. I call them my humble beginnings.

If you are planning on writing today, start now. Of course, your blog will be buried by 1,000,000 search engines, but hey, there is always another day to write a new experience.

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