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How The Fear Of Never Dancing Again Became My Biggest Strength

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I was born to dance, and I am pretty sure of it by now. Dancing has been my life and, there is nothing that I love more than this. I first started with Bharatanatyam under Guru Sri Krishna in Hyderabad at the tender age of three.

My father was a government employee, and so we had to change cities quite frequently. Thanks to this one transfer, I started pursuing the Kuchipudi dance form under the guidance of Guru Sri Parvathi Ramachandran Garu at Eluru.

Later, I continued under Guru D.V.Narayana Murthy Garu for two years. After that, I arrived at Vizag, where I enrolled myself in an esteemed dance school founded by Dr. Vempati Chinna Sathyam Garu under guru Sri Hari Rama Murthy Garu- the principal of Kuchipudi Kalakshetra, Visakhapatnam.

The biggest challenge in my life has been my body injuries. When I was in sixth grade, knee pains had started, and they continued to be there for three years.

I remember the days when I could not dance because I had these awful knee pains. For a dancer, not being able to dance is the worst kind of pain.

We visited many doctors for this, and my first doctor forbade me from sitting on the floor or even walking. When he said no to my dancing too, I remember crying a lot. I suffered for three years and an additional year as I injured my right leg, and because of this, whenever I used to dance, my leg used to swell up.

There were times when I felt low just because I could not dance like others, but I never gave up. I was bedridden for two whole months due to disc bulges in my lower spinal cord last year, and I had to stop dancing for almost a year. Putting up with my mental health was a challenge too.

Today, I am a CCRT and HRD scholarship recipient who has successfully completed her diploma. I have been felicitated with many awards- including Natya Visaradha, Natya Kowmudhi, Natya Sundari award, Abhinava Chandrika.

I have been all over India and the USA to perform and teach classes, along with my guru, Sri Hari Rama Murthy.

I founded my dance school, 'NATYASANNNIDHAALAYA - where dance is a prayer' at Visakhapatnam in 2017.

I have taught almost forty students across the city and continue to do so online because of the pandemic.

Falling is fine, but getting up with extra strength is too painful. Dance is something I live for, and not being able to dance is the greatest loss I have ever faced. But despite everything, I have always risen strongly to fight with my destiny and prove it wrong with greater diligence and passion.

Additionally, my parents have been my constant support, and had it not been for them, I would never have fought so hard to pursue my dream and aspirations!

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