Here's Why We Started Cloth Pads In The First Place

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Eco Femme is established in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India's south-eastern coast, an international township.
Learning spaces, arts and culture hubs, social enterprises, ecological initiatives, and collectives dedicated to cultural, social, and environmental reform are all well-known in Auroville. We often welcome volunteers and interns as a hub for innovators and change-makers, and we are encouraged and driven by the incredibly varied individuals who live and work here.
Eco Femme was launched by Kathy Walking and Jessamijn Miedema in 2010. The social enterprise was born out of a mutual passion for women's empowerment, the environment, and a strong belief in ethical and socially responsible entrepreneurship.
Eco Femme was developed long before it was established as a social enterprise in 2010. Kathy was confronted with the issue of menstrual waste after relocating to India, and she recollects her disbelief at having to bury her period pads in a hole in the ground. This waste, which had been conveniently carried "away" by waste management services, was suddenly exposed. The discovery of cloth pads several years later was a welcome answer, and Kathy immediately began stitching cloth pads for herself and others in the Auroville community.
We intend to empower women and girls in India and around the world to make responsible decisions about their menstrual health by providing menstrual health education and encouraging open discussion about menstruation.
Many people wonder why we use cloth pads. To sum it up, it's for your health, the environment, and financial savings! Our organic cloth pads, unlike traditional disposable pads, do not contain hazardous chemicals that are harmful to your health. They are reusable and can last for three years or longer, saving you money. This also means you're saving the earth from a lot of disposable plastic pads.

Eco Femme cloth pads are sewn by women's collectives in Auroville's surrounding villages, providing them with a meaningful livelihood and a living income. Our organic cotton cloth pads are sold in 27 countries across the world and are GOTS certified. Eco Femme's work is part of a larger goal: to bring about large-scale environmental, cultural, and social reform. It's as simple and significant as that! Eco Femme now has a growing community of over 65 NGO partners in India, 220 voluntary ambassadors from all over the world, and more than 150 merchants in 21 countries.

Eco Femme's efforts have prevented the waste of 66.8 million disposable pads as of 2021.
Eco Femme's work is highly personal. While we do produce and sell cloth pads, the core of our work is focused on mindsets, attitudes, narratives, and behaviours about menstruation.

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