Cheers to 40 Years of Friendship!

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Our friendship has been going on for forty years.
The story of the "Mitibais gang" begins with the school itself. Some of us have known each other since we were in nursery school. We dreamed of attending the same college when we were still in school, and we ultimately did. We were so enthralled and relieved to be in the same college.

Finally, we can live our college life as planned and discussed during our school days, bunking classes, pranking someone, and roaming the lanes of our college. We acquired a few more friends after starting college, and finally, our group of eleven females took the moniker "Mitibais" after the name of our college. As days passed, we completed our graduation by making our college years—from loitering on campus roads to giggling as we rode together—the most memorable years of our lives.

Our profession separated us after graduation, but our emotions kept us together.
We used to meet on every occasion, whether it was Diwali or a friend's wedding. We all decided, after our marriage, to stay in touch no matter how far apart we lived.

Fortunately, our spouses got to know one another and grew close. In the end, they decided to form their group, which strengthened our friendship. We expanded to include 11 couples in this way. We've all agreed to meet at least once a year, no matter how hectic our lives get. So we arrange a 2-3 day monsoon trip or a dinner date.

We celebrated 40 years of our friendship this year in a very happening way.
We went out clubbing and partied all night. We had never done anything like this before because we weren't allowed to visit lounges or bars during our college days. We were very excited since we had been waiting so long to try it. We stayed out till 4 a.m., partying and doing all we wanted to do in our twenties but couldn't.

Our 40s went just like our 20s. In our group, misunderstandings arise, but we all seek among ourselves. There might occasionally be a tremendous big boss vibe. Two or three individuals take the initiative, and then we strive to fit into each other's comfort zones.

If we made promises to one another, we also kept them.
During difficult times, every friend is just a phone call away. We constantly help each other during difficult times. That has strengthened our friendship. We anticipate spending many more happy years together until we are grey-haired. No one's husband, children, or anybody else can end our decades-long alliance.
We've endured each other at our worst, laughed at the stupidest jokes, and agreed to the craziest of ideas, making our group the greatest of all.

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